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How long to pass a kidney stone?

After having sudden severe pain in my side Friday night I was diagnosed with a kidney stone in the ER.  CT scan shows one 5 mm stone.  ER doc told me if I suddenly stopped having pain it meant the stone had gone into the bladder and the stone would pass.  I left the ER after a demerol shot with very little discomfort up until last night when I did suddenly stop having all discomfort.  I have been drinking 100 oz. of fluid a day, continuing last night and this morning, but still have passed nothing.  I have been straining my urine as well.  My question is: How long does it take to pass a kidney stone after it has made its way to the bladder?
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Stones are sometimes known to dissolve once they reach the bladder, so it is entirely possible that you have passed it in a disintegrated form and didn't even notice it.  It could also sit in your bladder for awhile, potentially, but I'd say it broke up and you don't even realize you passed it.
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Thank you so much!  I was getting worried.
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