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I had an abdominal CT scan 2 weeks ago for a sudden and severe stomach ache.  They found no reason for that but they did find "severe hydroureteronephrosis" of the right kidney, thinning renal cortex indicating a longstanding condition, and an abrupt narrowing of the ureter.  The ER doctor and my GI think I need to follow up on this immediately; the urogynecologist and my internist are saying I don't need to worry about this right now because blood tests and urinalysis are fine.  I've had a lot of health problems the past 4 months--including fatigue, and general fluishness.  Had an endoscopy (after throwing up blood) which revealed very severe erosive esophagitis.  Have had all kinds of adverse reactions to meds.  On and on it goes...  I'm a 49 year old female; had a TAH/BSO 18 months ago--just started on Evamist last week.  

Just wondering what to do at this point.  Wondering if the 2 docs who are telling me to hold off are trying to protect me from what sounds like a painful ordeal with the stent.  Wondering if there is any danger in waiting a few months before getting this treated.  

Any thoughts, anyone?
Thanks in advance!
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