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Hypodensities from CT scan

I'm a 38-year-old male.  In February 2006, I presented "classic" symptoms of having passed a kidney stone (nausea, severe back pain radiating from lower-right back to front, extreme discomfort lasted for about an hour, pain completely went away).  I had a CT-scan at that time, which presented no kidney-stone evidence.  The emergency room doctor indicated to me that it was quite likely I passed a kidney stone and by the time the CT scan was taken (pain had passed by this time), there was nothing left to image.

In late May of 2007, the identical symptoms occurred again (nausea, dry-heaving, severe lower-right back pain that radiated to the front lower abdomen area).  Thinking that it might be another stone-passing, I went home, laid down, and waited for the pain to pass.  And it did.  

Soon thereafter, I visited a urologist who ordered another CT scan.  I picked up the report of the June 2007 CT scan, which indicates no evidence of calculi (stones?) or other obstructive uropathy.  But it did indicate the following:

"There is a 1.0 cm subtle hypodensity within the left mid kidney posteriorly.  There an 8.0 mm hypodensity corresponding to the right mid/lower kidney anteriorly, incompletely characterized."

The doctor (radiologist?) who signed-off on the report indicates that these are most likely cysts, but he also says there's no evidence of stones, nor dilation in either kidney that might suggest that a stone was recently passed.  He also says that if they are cysts, they would

These hypodensities scare me, Any help on what these could/might be?

Many thanks,

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