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I have a white ring over a centimetre completely around my foreskin.

I had a white ring around my foreskin, although my foreskin did not cover the end of my penis, it was half way. I saw my doctor and he sent me to have a circumsion which removed the white ring. It has now come back and is larger than before, completely around the end of my foreskin and underneath my foreskin. It does not hurt but stops me keeping my wife happy. I feel really bad. And my sperm is a light brown colour. Please help.
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You need to go back to the doctor.  Your sperm is light brown because there is old blood mixing with it.  Old blood makes things look brown. Fresh blood makes things when mixed with something like semen look pink. https://www.webmd.com/men/guide/blood-in-semen-hematospermia-causes-symptoms-tests-treatments#1  But if the ring was gone after surgery and has reappeared and impacts your ability to have sex with your wife, see your doctor.  Please tell me what they say.
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Agree 100% w/ this advice. GR is correct, the brownish color means older blood. There could be many reasons for this, some benign, but right now I’d be more concerned w/ blood in the semen than the ring. The ring could be just a cosmetic defect, not sure why it’s interfering with sexual activity - you didn’t say if it’s painful or what else about it is causing the prblm. In any event, GR is correct - go back to your Dr. about both conditions & do let us know what they find, it’s helpful for all of us as a learning experience...
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