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I have lower abdomin pain and I have done some test.

I have done the test of ultrasono of KUB, Kidney, protate and MCU, RGU. By seeing RGU,MCU report four doctors suggest different solution.  3 of them suggest urethral stricture operation and one of them told me that there is no stricture bu seeing the MCU report and suggest me some medicine would solve it. Now i am in confusion. These four doctors are famous doctors in our country
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That's always disheartening when the experts aren't agreeing with diagnosis and treatment.  This is just me, but I'd try the least invasive approach first.  I'd try the medicine they can prescribe to see if it helps because I'd rather do that than stricture surgery.  But ultimately, it does make you wonder about their level of expertise that they have completely different approaches. Otherwise, go ahead with the one doctor you like the best for the surgery since three concur.  But personally, again, I'd try the medication first.  Less invasive, less scary.
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I second that opinion - always try the least invasive thing first - if it works, you're home free without having surgery or invasive treatments. if it DOESN'T work, you still have the more invasive option left...
I can send the MCU, RGU x-ray in email. If you can check it for me I would be glad.
We probably can't do that.  We're giving more general advice. What does it hurt to try the less invasive approach first and if there is no improvement to then do the recommended surgery?
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