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I'm 19 and have prostatitis, need some help and advice.

So I usually used to masturbate around 3 times a day sometimes more for the past 8 and a half years or so, and when I was 16-19 sometimes when I ejaculated I would forget to push all the semen out so it would back up into my bladder and when I went pee the tip would burn and the sperm would come out, and after that one instance of peeing it would go away and wouldn't come back for months and months at a time. On Monday though this was the longest it ever lasted and that was for 2 days and even now it continues, I can feel pressure on my urethra where my prostate is by and when I have some bowl stuff I can feel the pressure even more on it. The doctor that I went to prescribed me Cipro without me getting my prostate checked to see if I actually do have bacterial or non bacterial prostatitis or if their is something wrong with it; he rushed me so fast I couldn't ask all my questions.

So I'm wondering if my prostatitis was caused by me masturbating way to much and is non bacterial and I don't need to take this stupid medication and can just fix it with exercise, drinking lots of water, and taking some natural supplements that are known to help against prostatitis. I told the doctor it burned when I pee'd the first day but after that I have absolutely no pain, just the pressure feeling or the feeling it's enlarged.
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It is unlikely to have prostatitis because you are too young. But even if it is antibiotics are not going to fix it. Do not hold back your ejaculate. This is a guilt/cultural practice and is not a good thing.
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Yeah I think I figured it out. I don't think I have prostatitis but my muscles around that area(in between my balls and anus) are very very sore when I poke around there so, just going to lay off it for a long while.
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