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Impotence due to Hypertension Medication
  Do drugs used to treat high blood pressure cause impotence
  by reducing the testosterone level. Will the use of these drugs
  combat the effectiveness of pills, patches, and shots used to
  raise the level of testosterone.
Dear Fred;
Thanks for your question .  Most blood pressure medications do not compete for testosterone binding sites in the body.  The only exception is spirolactone, a diuretic, that is sometime use to control blood pressure.  It is believed that blood pressure medications cause impotence by their effect on the blood vessels of  the penis.  The exact mechanism of this effect is unknown at present.   The Alpha Blocker family of antihypertensives are  probably the least likely to cause impotence problems.  If  one experiences impotence with one antihypertensive medication, this does not mean that all blood pressure meds. will have the same side effect.  There is not a direct effect between high blood pressure meds. ,  in general, and testosterone levels in the body, wheather the testosterone is natural or replacement.  
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