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Inflammed, swollen and sensitive meatus

Long story short, I got a massage from a thai woman ended up recieving oral sex on 3/14. Few days later penis started to hurt. I have had chlamydia once before, so I went ahead and took Az 1.5g and 10 days of doxycycline. Meatus then became inflammed. Swollen to touch, pinching feeling in the tip,just doesnt look right. Sensitivity is unbelievable, cant even wear boxers. I went ahead and got tested a week later (3/23).

While waiting for my test I went ahead and took some more medication:

Cefitriaxione 500mg injection/another dose of Az 1.5g (given at test site for gonnorhea)
Metrinadazole 2g orally/ 1 dose (if it was trich)

(Fast forward 10 days later...)
Since receiving my tests all came back negative (Chlamydia, Gonnorhea, HSV 1&2, HIV, syphillis! Maybe taking the medication before cured C or G or maybe the antibiotics may have given me a false positive. I spoke with a physician that said I shouldn't have taken antibiotics before. Penis still burning after after peeing.

The only thing is my meatus is still swollen. Large amount of dribbling after urinating and it just sits there (I have been dunking my penis in saline solution to clear it out). I do get some shooting pains through my urethra as well. My incident was on March 14th. I tried masturbating once on March 22nd and it was excruciating. I then held out the next 2 weeks, until the April 5th I went pee and I was waiting the dribble was when I noticed clear/white discharge that was sticky.

I freaked out and went right to the hospital to have a close minded doctor tell me I was overreacting and this was normal and it was most likely prostate secretion.

After rejecting a culture to ease my mind, I ended up leaving with nothing. I went ahead and masturbated that night and it was better still very very sensitive. I went ahead and took another dose of Azithromycin 2g and 400mg of cefifixime.

Meatus is still swollen and sensitive....Because of the large amount and length of antibiotics I have taken, I realize that it is probably Candida fungal at this point. I am on oral fluc**tazole at the moment and am praying this will help. .

I saw another doctor in the meantime and she wants me to take moxifloxcin for 5 days 400mg and then follow that with levofloxcin for 5 days to clear and UTI or bladder infection. Moxi is successful with mycoplasma, ureaplasma, or chlamydia that may have spread to GI or prostate. Also I am in SE Asia, mycoplasma as well as chlamydia have strong resistant strains out here.

Please let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. I still have the pain (swollen meatus and burning after urination) but pray it will go away soon. I will be back in the U.S tomorrow and plan on seeing my GP. I just switched insurances, so this is my first time seeing him. Cant wait to see the look on his face when i tell him. I have had prostatitis on year ago, 30 days of cipro cured that!

1.) Do you think this is a UTI?
2.) Any suggestion that it could be STI in prostate or bladder, what test should i have my urologist do to see?
3.) If it is fungal, how long should I be on fluconozole... how long should it take to clear up.
4.) With all the antibiotics I have taken, is taking a swab test for bacteria or fungus even worth it? I know to get accurate results one should be off antibiotics for 2weeks-3months.

But please let me know anything that may help!
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