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Insensitive penis due to skin damage

Hi, I have insensitive penis manily the head. I am able to get erections and ejaculate. However, it is not as sensitive as it used to be. I feel a burning sensation whenever I touch it. I can feel my penis inside a woman. The feeling is mainly in my shaft. The head is sort of dead but has some feelings. The bottom of my head where it joins the shaft is the least sensitive.

On October last year, i was very aggressive to my penis. I masturbated to the point that i got the skin bleeding. Since then, I have been masturbating but in a lower frequency. Lately a month ago I stopped masturbating and watching porn. I have been applying man 1 man oil almost daily. I noticed my penis skin got softer but sensitivity kindof remained the same. I still have burning sensation when I touch it. I believe in the areas where it bleeded. Masturbation and sex are not fun as used to be.

What have I done to my penis?
Is this permanent?  :(
Is there any treatment ?
Anybody have/had similar case?

I appreciate ur time looking at my topic. Please help if u can. It concerns me alot regarding keeping a relationship. I am in my 25 year old.

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