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Intermittent Testicular Pain=Kidney stone?

  Yesterday I had about 15 occurrences of brief but intense pain in my left testicle (like being racked when you were a kid, if you're unlucky enough to remember that feeling). Each incident lasted 1-2 seconds and then was completely gone. These incidents were normally separated by anywhere from 30-90 minutes. About two months ago I had about three occurrences of this same pain in one day, but it then went away and did not return until yesterday. It does not seem to be related to movement or any particular position. I have had no traumatic incidents recently. I did a self-examination and found no lumps or other irregularities. Today I have had no occurrences yet (it's about 10 a.m.). My question is, could this be a symptom of a kidney stone? If not, what could it be? Thank you in advance for you help.
Dear Bill,
It is possible that a kidney stone can refer pain to the testicle on the corresponding side but one would think that it would be accompanied by other symptoms.  I will also discuss the other possibilities of testicular pain for your benefit. In your case the list would consist of:
1)Infection (epididymitis);Inflammation
5)tesicular cancer
7)Inguinal hernia
I my opinion most of these possible diagnoses need to be evaluated.
Infection-  Have you been given antibiotics, anti inflammatory medication?
Spermatocele- an outpouching of the epididymus filled with sperm.  These do not need to be very big to cause a significant amount of pain.
Varicocele-dilated veins in the scrotum around the testicle,
Hydrocele- fluid collection around testicle.
Testicular cancer-would have to be seen on ultrasound
Torsion-  Testicle would have died by now and there would not be any flow in the vessels on ultrasound.
Inguinal Hernia-  This would be evident on a good physical exam.
Truly, though, your symptoms are not fully consistent with any of these. If your symptoms persist, you should see your family physician.
        You may want to take an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain and inflammation.
This information is provided is provided for general medical educational purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.  More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its satellites (1 800 653-6568).
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