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Interstitial Cystitis & Ovulation
  My wife's IC symptoms went into remission during a recent
  pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Upon weaning, her menstrual
  cyles started and IC symptoms returned and became very severe
  during ovulation. Question is - has any link ever been studied
  or established between IC and hormone levels, i.e., estrogen or
Dear Jim Thanks for your questions?
As you know IC is a very complex disease. We the medical community still have a lot to learn about IC . Yes, cases of  IC have been reported to go into remission, but  not the majority of cases.  The fact that this disease is about 10x more frequent in women  suggests that this disease may have an association with the female hormonal milieu.  Some treatments in other countries involve medications that shut down the sex hormone production in female IC patients.  This drug is used in this country to treat prostate cancer which is known to be responsive to sex hormone levels.  
We have almost as much contradictory information regarding IC hormonal association also.  
We can only treat patients as best as we can until we learn more about the pathophysiology and hence of the disease.      
Another possible diagnosis  is endometriosis.  This disease has pelvic pain similar to IC , however it is most intense during menstruation.
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