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Is Cryotherphy a Good Procedure for BPH?

My uro MD has suggested cryotherapy for My BPH.  I have not read or heard much about it being used for this.  Would love to know more opinions before going this route.
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There’s a lot of info available online about various treatments for BPH, but spend some time & do some research! The prostate is a critical part of male sexual functioning, and treatments can have some very negative side effects, like ED or issues w/ ejaculation, such as ‘retrograde’, which means it flows backward into the bladder instead of out thru the penis. Some guys find this significantly reduces the pleasure of orgasm.

I don’t know specifically about Cryotherapy, but I’m sure you can find lots of info about it. There are other therapies for this issue (TURP, etc.) but when searching them, make sure you specifically seek info on possible short & long-term effects on sexual functioning, or other effects as well. Many sites that tout a particular procedure emphasize the ‘positives’, but may downplay negative effects. There are online forums where guys discuss the pros & cons of various treatments & I find it’s helpful to hear what actual patients say, as opposed to just hearing from Dr’s.  - almost every procedure has a downside as well. Also, seek out a good Urologist you trust - and not one who just does that particular procedure, they’ll likely be biased in favor of it. Normally BPH isn’t an issue that requires immediate treatment so take your time making a decision about what’s right for you before you jump into smthg & have regrets down the road...

Best of luck with this issue - please stay in touch & let us know   what you decide or if you have further questions...
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