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Is it Testicular Torsion or Not ??

I have had pain on and off on my left testicle for years ... I read about testicular torsion and I feel that it may be that but it is not unbearable pain and does nto feel like an emergency as quoted in most online info I read. Also, as I read online, if not treated immediately it can lead to testicle death within hours. Well my left testicle is smoewhat smaller than the right but if it was dead I would feel worse, wouldn't I ?? They also say that it has to be removed to avoid gangrene in such cases. Well I am pretty sure I have not had gangrene.

Someone please tell me if there are light symptoms associated with testicular torsion or if there are partial torsion cases and if corrected, what improvements shoudl I expect ?? Will left testicle grow to equal size as right testicle ?? Will sperm volume and count increase ?? Will I have an easier time to loose weight due to testosterone increase ??

I have tested testosterone levels in the past and they were normal according to the doctor. Also, I almost became a father in the past so at that point I was not sterile (not sure now and have not tried to test it).

Someone please advise accurately ... Hopefully a doctor ??

Thanks much
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