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Is it normal for a toddler not to have an erect penis?

So my now 2 year old was born with an inguinal hernia in his scrotum. He had surgery at 6 months for this and all was fine but I’ve noticed he hates it when I touch his penis to clean his nappy and screams etc. His penis is always floppy never hard or standing up whereas his brother who is 3 has had erect penis since before he was 2. I’m just wondering is this normal? Thank you
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I’m not a medical Dr, I do know it’s normal for young male infants to have erections. I’m wondering if there’s still some pain in the area & that’s why he doesn’t like his penis being touched. I suppose there’s also the possibility of some nerve damage in the area, not sure if that could have an effect. I think it would be perfectly appropriate to ask the Pediatrician about this - just state what you said here, the difference you noticed between the older boy & this one. Dr. would most likely want to examine him. Also hoping maybe an MD w/ knowledge in this area could provide some advice here on MedHelp. Good luck & let us know what found…
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