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Is it ok to masturbate a week after laparoscopic varicocele surgery?

I had a laparoscopic varicocelectomy 10 days ago and my testicles were feeling much better, they were not sagging all of the time and seemed to be regulating heat better, but 7 days after the surgery I masturbated and it feels like the veins have refilled and are swollen again. Did i mess up the surgery, is it permanently screwed up or will it return to normal? And how long should I have gone without masturbating after the surgery?
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I wouldn’t think masturbating a week after the surgery should cause a prblm - however, I saw smthg that said Reg surgery (not Lapsro) requires a 2-3 wk recovery period, no mention of sexual activity though. The info on Laparoscopic Varicocele surgery says recovery is much quicker, but again no mention of how long to wait for sexual activity. I would have thought your surgeon   would give instructions about that. If I were you, I’d call the surgeon’s office & ask either him/her or the Nurse or one of the Assistants for instructions about this. You don’t have to specifically ask about masturbation, you can just ask how long do you need to wait for any sexual activity. Check back in here after you find out & let us know what they tell you about it.
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