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Is there an Operation to unblock / reconstruct the Vas deferens?

Male, mid 30’s, very athletic, low body fat, very healthy

Symptom / Problem:
I can no longer ejaculate following a bowl operation.

A few years ago I had a bowl operation (required because of severe ulcerative colitis) to completely remove my large intestine. I was left with a large scar along my lower abdomen / along my hips (suspected cause of problem), resulting in surgical damage to part of my reproductive organs.
I now have an ileoanal pouch / J Pouch.

Current Sexual Health:
I still have full function in terms of erection and orgasm, however no sperm ejaculates. Occasionally there are very small amounts of fluid (potentially from the seminal glands – no semen).
Upon orgasm I do feel a slight compression deep inside behind the base of the penis (internal not external)

Findings so far:
The Right Testicle is dead i.e. hard and no longer producing sperm
The Left testicle is still intact and functional i.e. still producing sperm (I know this as I’ve had TESE performed to extract sperm for freezing)
A Surgical obstruction of the Vas Deferens exists (found when performing TESE)
Retrograde ejaculation has been ruled out (sperm going into the bladder) through a series of urinal tests & use of drugs to close the bladder neck.

1. Can the “surgical obstruction” be removed?
a. what is this procedure?
b. Are there concequences?
2. Will this procedure / operation allow me to ejaculate again? And more importantly father children naturally (I’ve gone through many rounds of failed IVF attempts)

I would be very grateful for any direction into resolving my issue and any questions, please feel free to ask

Many Thanks in advance
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These are questions for a highly trained medical professional, so I can’t answer this & I rather doubt any casual readers or advisors here can either. Maybe an actual Dr. / reader here can answer this. I would think a good Urologist could tell you if that type of procedure could restore your ability to ejaculate. I’m curious as to why or how retrograde ejaculation was ruled out - ??

Anyway, best of luck to you - hope maybe a Urologist reader could chime in with some opinions & advice. In any event, I think you’d need to see a Urologist about this, who could prbly answer your question. If you get an answer, please check back in & let us know - I’m very curious about it...
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