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Issue with urinary frequency

So I've been having issues with urinary frequency for a few years now and I wasn't able to go to a doctor often due to lack of insurance and the couple times I did their tests came up with nothing. I have insurance now so I've been going to the doctor every couple weeks, I've been diagnosed and treated for bacterial vaginosis, an e. coli infection and a yeast infection and I feel like a lot of the irritation has gone away but one symptom is really bothering me. It happens probably every couple days or so and I can tell when it's going to because my bladder will feel kind of tender and uncomfortable, usually in the morning when I wake up. I'll pee like normal in the morning then I will have a completely full bladder within 10-15 minutes and have to go again. Not just the feeling, like actually ready to burst in 20 minutes. I'll go again and it'll happen again, usually 20 minutes apart to start (2-3 times) then 40/50 minutes apart then it'll return to about every 2 hours. It's always completely clear as well, and when having the symptoms one time I did a home UTI test and it tested VERY high for leukocytes. Turned dark purple immediately. When I tested not having the symptoms it came up with no leukocytes. I'm concerned it could be a kidney infection, would be nice to know if someone else has had these symptoms.
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Usually, a kidney infection will cause intense pain in your back.

I would ask for more tests - perhaps a cystoscopy of your bladder - to determine what's causing the urinary frequency and urgency.
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Good advice from CurfewX. I have a question, tho - you say your bladder is full & you have to go again within minutes. When you do pee, is the volume what you’d expect from a full bladder? Sometimes ppl w/ overactive bladder feel like their bladder is full & need to pee urgently, but then don’t actually produce a large volume of urine. If in fact you ARE urinating a large volume each time, then it needs to be determined why. One sign of diabetes is  frequent urination & a large volume of urine. Not saying that’s the issue here, but I think a Dr would want to determine the reason you’re urinating so much...
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