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I have an 11mm stone in my right kidney that they found in sept. of 07 with a really bad bladder infection. At that time it was 2cm I was on cipro for 6 weeks. So I had eswl in October of 07 which only fragmented the stone it hurt so badly and the doc wanted to do it again and that is all he wanted to do so I went to a new dr. He did the Uro-scope in Dec of 07 and found nothing he said you must have past it. Two week latter in the ER it was still there and still causing pain. Its up in the mid pole of the kidney and it hurts. Every doctor said it should not hurt if it is in the kidney. My Dr is now say it could be stuck in a duct, can they do this? They analyzed the small fragment I passed after the lithotripsy and it was calcium oxalate and carbanite apatite
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Kidney stones are usually asymptomatic until they pass into the ureter and squeeze through the ureteral walls.This is where the crampy pain begins.But if they may involve other structures as well and irritate these structures then pain may occur.

I suggest you discuss all your concerns with your physicians. Drink plenty of water. A dark urine during urination tells you that you are not drinking enough water.Avoid having any dairy products ( milk, butter, cheese and vegetables high in oxalate) since they  have high calcium content and may contribute to calcium stone formation. When the kidney stones are small enough , an increase in water intake may faciitate their passage in the urine.

Was a repeat scan done? Were they able to ascertain the size of the stone?

Your physician or a pain management specialist may help you control the pain.

Do keep us posted for anything.

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Thanks for responding, I have had a recent scan done on 1/9/08 the stone is still there still 11mm and they are deciding on percutaneous nephrolithotomy because of the location. however my doctor doesn't do this, so i guess he'll find me someone who will?
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I soooo understand what you are saying.  I have a stone mid pole 3 mm left kidney and a stone mid pole right kidney 5 mm.  Repeat ct scan showed they are still there, original scan in nov 2008.  My kidneys ache, is how I want to describe it and to boot, I was blessed to find out I have a small hernia, healing right flank side as well.  Dr prescribed darvocette, which I stopped taking, it did nothing.  Just had a mag 3 renal scan done to check renal function. I had pyeloplasty on right kidney done in 1997.  Waiting for the urologist to call me with those results.  Only thing I can say is I feel your pain, literally.  I have been in pain for months and the thought of lithotripsy that may not take care of it and make pain worse makes my skin crawl.  I wish you the best of luck.  Susie
I have a  kidney stone  in my right kidney  upper pole size 4.7 and one on left kidney upper pole size 7.7,, I amconcerned for I had renal cancer in right kiney 3 years ago.. I am having no pain no symptons.. should I be concerned.. please advise.. thank you
With your history bettywilliford, I'd go ahead and schedule an appointment to be seen by your doctor.  If nothing else, status of the stones is important but am glad you have no pain or symptoms.  Do you get an annual physical or check up?  You are probably fine but better safe than sorry I think.
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I also understand your pain.  I have 2 stones in my left kidney, a 4 mm in the mid pole and a 2 mm in the lower pole.  The urologist have also told me that they don't cause pain when only in the kidney's but I experience an aching flank pain frequently as well as blood in my urine.  Best of luck to you.
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