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Keep Peeing myself when coughing - Embarrassing

I've currently got a bad cough because of my GERD, which makes me
Pee myself. I wear pads, even bladder weakness pants to help, but I'm only a 20yr old female
And makes it more incredibly embarrassing for me. I also had a allergic reaction to the pants, so I can't wear them any more, with the pads I need to change them every time I have a coughing fit, and they are giant things to carry around.  Once I peed myself at college, on a material chair. The most embarrassing day of my life. I've had nothing wrong with my bladder for years, maybe when i was a little child, but now at 20 this is just ridiculous. It's gotten worse the last few days since I've been travelling. My pads have run low. Can't exactly get them too, and I'm in the middle of somewhere where I've never been before. Too embarrassing to ask family.

Is there any treatment, or tablets that maybe I could take?. I heard there is a urologist. But where I live, there is nothing like that. I'm also away at the moment, so GP is out of question until the new year. Sigh.

As it's near Christmas, I'm kind of desperate right now, and just want to enjoy my few days with my family, without worrying that I might pee myself in front of them when I just cough a little.

Any help, would be grateful, Thanks
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Erg I've no idea why my post ended up in urology community. I cant edit or delete post??
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This is the correct place to post.  You're fine.  But you need to strengthen the muscles that control urination.  Do Kegel exercises.  You can do them anywhere.  It's basically tightening the muscles that stop urination.  Learn to do them by stopping urination when you are on the toilet.  Then let go and flow resumes.  Those are the muscles to tighten.  Google Kegel exercises for more tips.  

I believe many of us are low in magnesium, and it helps muscles, so you might want to take magnesium in the morning.  It will help overcome any constipation also.  
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