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Kidney Damage? Bloating post op

I had a percutaneous stone removal with stent placement on 10/15, stent removed 11/13. I have a renal diverticulum that holds fluid and stones but the opening is said to be too small for stones to pass. My question is tht since the stent was removed last week I have begun to gain a pound a day and am uncomfortably bloated. Last night I was wearing knee socks with a slogan on them and when I removed the socks you could still read the slogan on my leg 15 minutes later! Iam a 27 year old female and have been forming stones for 6 years now. Right now I am having frequent discomfort as if I am passing small stones or something, I am peeing so much more than I used to and the bloating is ridiculous. What could eb causign this and should I be concerned? I left a message for my Doc this morning but I am really eager to figure this out. They did a urinalysis Monday and said nothign about elevated protein or hematuria. I should also mention that right after the first surgery my stent got a blood clot and by the time I made it to the ER for a CT my kidney was 2 to 3 times it's normal size. Could this have caused damage and impaired function?
Also I have ruled out any other reasons for water retention. I am not on the pill, just ended my period a few days ago, not pregnant, not on any meds, and do not consume much salt. My BP is fine as well.
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