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Kidney Stone & Ureter Stent

  I recently had a produce done to unblock my left kidney due to
  a blockage by a kidney stone. I have had over 45 stones since
  1979, some passed and others required procedures to remove
  them. The urologist inserted a stent and has requested that I
  keep it in place for 6 weeks. I would just like your opinion as
  to the need for this and also what risks if any would arise from
  this?  I was told that my stones are uric acid and have been
  put on Bicitra to help dissolve the remaining stones in my kidney.
  The stent is very uncomfortable at times and especially in the
  mornings when I get up to urinate there is a lot of pressure
  and pulling sensation in my kidney area. Is this normal with a stent in place?
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Dear Brummett,
The symptoms that you describe are consistent with stent pain.  I was not there during your surgery but it must have been complicated due to the extended period of time your urologist wishes to leave the stent.  You may have had an impacted stone, multiple residual stones or a disruption in the ureter at the time of surgery.  Both of these situations would require an extended stent time.  I think the rest of your management is appropriate.  You might ask you doctor why he wants to leave the stent in for 6 weeks just so you understand, he probably has a very good reason.
There is no further health risk of a prolonged stent placement.  We routinely put stents in cancer patients to keep their ureters open and leave them for 3-6 months.  There have been patients forget that they had them in and return years later to have them removed.  I would not advise this, but you evidently are having some discomfort with your stent and sometimes this is a reason to remove the stent earlier.
Good Luck!
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