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Kidney Stone stuck in Urethra?

My husband started feeling pain from a kidney stone early Sunday morning, Monday night we were in the ER due to extreme nausea which is not normal when he passes a stone. They did a CT scan and said that the stone was in the Urethra. That was late Monday night, it is now late Thursday night and he has still not passed the stone. Due to his nausea (somewhat controlled by medication) he is unable to "flush" his system. He is drinking a decent amount of water, but not what he should be drinking to help this process along.
My question, is it "normal" that the stone has not passed at this point? Can it get stuck in the Urethra? When should we start beingconcerned? Are there any signs we should be looking for to tell us it is stuck?
He has not had a fever at all during this period.
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It's not uncommon for a stone to get stuck in the urethra (basically, it's stuck in the 'shaft', correct?).

The stone begins to pass from the bladder and out the penis, and you "run out" of pee. That's about the long and the short of it (no pun intended).

Now I will say that I think it's pretty unusual for a stone to remain stuck there for any longer than the next passage of urine. I've "run out" of pee before, and had a stone get stuck in my urethra, but upon drinking more fluids, processing more urine, and voiding (peeing), the stone then resumes its previous course and passes uneventfully.

It could be that the stone is stuck at an odd angle, and is just hung up. In that case, it should as easy as scoping him in the office and freeing up the stone. I've had cystoscope's grab bladder stones before, so a stone stuck in the urethra should dislodge almost as soon as the cystoscope is inserted into his penis.

To answer your question... yes, it's a bit odd that the stone's been stuck inside his penis for 3-4 days now. But, the silver-lining here is that it's a fairly easy and straightforward procedure to dislodge it and get it out (now that it's out of the kidney, through the ureter, past the bladder, and in side his penis).

Post back and let me know what happens... MUCHO curious as to how his Urologist will handle this.
Over the past 30 years I've had at least 75  kidney stone episodes. They are horrible. I've had stints blockages  I've had it all. I've passed maybe 40 different times at home.  When you pee them out. There is no pain at all. But when they're traveling from the kidney to the bladder. That is the bad part.   Now days I drink so much water. I'm always nausiated and full.  They even put me on potassium pills. From drinking too much water.   I still get them like once every couple months.  But its better than. Every couple weeks.  KIDNEY STONES SUCK. and almost made me end my life. Oh and another thing. Whenever I do something extremely physical. Like picking something up that is super heavy.  Or getting hit really hard on the side or  wrestling  very hard. Or getting thrown to the ground real hard or even kicked. Even a car wreck or falling off a motor cycle or off a roof of a house. Has loosened up some of my kidney stones  And started the chain reaction of them  starting the voyage  out of me   so if you would like to help getting them out. Do some extreme  physical stuff     it will help.  But just be prepared for. The week or a few days of HELL
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Thank you for your information. He will be seeing his Urologist late this morning. Hopefully he can take care of it in the office. He ready for the stone to be out and so am I!! Will update later.

Thank you again for your input.
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Well we just got home from the hospital. Typical of our local ER, the Physicians Assistant gave us incorrect information. The stone was in fact in the Ureter and NOT the Urethra and had not moved since Monday. It was blocking the tube which was causing all of the pain. Unfortunately it was so high in the Ureter that the only option at the time was to push the stone back into the Kidney and place a stint. Round three will be on Tuesday where the Urologist will go in and manually break up the stone. Hopefully all of the pieces will pass easily!
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Ah ha! A URETERAL stone blockage is MUCH more common. Yes, it's very painful to have a stone stuck in the ureter, and will cause both ureteral pain AND kidney pain (from the fluid buildup).

Hydronephrosis is indeed painful, but luckily, fairly easy to take care of with the placement of a 'stent'.

Are they going to do a cystoscopy (scope, go and remove), or will they perform ESWL (shockwave lithotripsy)?

I wish him the best of luck.
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Yes! HUGE difference between Ureter and Urethra! Sheesh! Yes, they did a Cystoscopy and used some sort of shockwave to break it up. They couldn’t see the stone on X-Ray so the Dr. didn’t feel comfortable just shocking the kidney blind. They were able to pull three larger pieces for analysis and we are hoping the rest is passing without notice!
The stent will be removed this coming Tuesday and isn’t causing too much discomfort, of course with anything foreign it's "there".
Thank you again for your support and information, it is much appreciated!
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I'm happy that his stent isn't causing much discomfort. I've gotten used to them over the years, but I remember (not fondly) my first few... not fun. The pain-meds and bladder relaxers help a great deal.

His stones didn't show up on x-ray, eh? That's quite interesting. I'd be MOST interested to know what pathology comes back with on the stone makeup. My stones don't show up on x-ray either and only a CT or ultrasound will show evidence of them. My stones are CYSTINE, and show up as 'shadows' on x-ray. The radiologist will really have to know what they're looking for in order to even detect them, and if they have no experience with Cystine stones, they'll miss them all together.

If his stones are Cystine, he's joining a very elite group indeed. Less that 1% of all kidney-stone cases are Cystine. Unfortunately, there's not a lot out there to stop them from forming, but I don't want to alarm you prior to you actually finding out what kind of stones they are.

Please post back and lket us know what the makeup was.
im a cystine person..female..i could use some help
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I am a 60-year-old lady who has suffered for 38 years with kidney stones.
I went to ER two days ago in pain with fever; and the good doc sent me home with pain pills and anti-nausia meds.  He said the stone should pass within hours... but NO..  I am really sick.  My joints are now filling with water (so swollen).  My eyes are swollen.  When is it time to bo back?  Any suggestions appreciated.

When I had 30 stones sthatl were too big to pass (at age 22), all they could do was major surgery.  I was cut from the navel to the middle of my back (horrific and painful... taking 3 months to fully recover).  I am glad medical technology has made great strides since then.  
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I read this stream and others since having unusual pain and burning while urinating starting one Sunday afternoon.  I have an 18-year history with kidney stones with about 2 dozen episodes.  The symptoms did not match the typical kidney stones, so I thought it was an infection that anti-biotics would cure.  Still I drank lots of water trying to flush the system.  My stream was getting gradually getting weaker with each urination.  Finally, just after midnight, the stream was at a trickle, I could not sit there all night, so I gave a good push.  Like a champagne cork, 2 stones shot out.  They may have been wedged against each other and got stuck, like Larry and Curly trying to get through a doorway at the same time.  The larger was 11 mm x 6 mm.  I would not have believed that stones could get stuck in the urethra, but now can add it to a long list of kidney stone experiences.
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I passed 2 kidney stones yesterday.  One in the am, one about 6 hours later.  I have had 2 previous episodes.  The first I went to the ER & they hooked me up to an IV drip & a catheter & I immediately passed the stone! They said it was the size of a grain of sand!  I nearly passed out driving myself the one mile to the hospital.  Then 1 1/2 years later I had another one.  I lay on the living room floor in shock & sure I was going to die & then it too passed.  That got me to thinking.  Both times I was in shock & all the vessels in my body were limp essentially.  And in the ER they 'forced fluids' into me.  I decided 2 things.  One- I had to find something to treat myself with to avoid another episode as I was sure I wouldn't make it thru a 3rd stone & I have had no insurance since I left being a science teacher 15 years ago.  (Answer: Kombucha tea.  I made it nearly 4 years before stones 3 & 4 on the same day & I had been drinking 1/2 the tea I had been for 3 years due to changes in living conditions.)  Two- I would take a Valium (diazepam) & constantly sip water (force fluids on myself) if it happened again.  It did, I did & 2 hours later I passed stone 3, 1 1/2 hours after stone 4 started it too was over!! I can handle that much pain knowing it would end in less than 2 hours!  I recommend trying that next attack & hope it works as well for you.  I don't fear another attack now which is a big plus also.  Good Luck Everyone
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Below is my current scenario which i am facing now and feeling uneasy ness.Please help me.
My Kidney Stone came out from kidney then through the ureter, past the bladder, and now stuck inside penis.

Please suggest some medicine.
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Appreciate comments on my case -

2 months back, had my first stone incident. Rushed to ER, where a CT scan was done. 3 stones were detected - one in ureter, and 2 in kidney. Doctor could not reach the stone so he ended up putting the stent and asked me to drink water. Then I went for ultrasound every 10 days. 1st ultrasound said I have only 2 stones remaining. 2nd ultrasound said I had 1 stone of 6mm remaining. 3rd ultrasound said I had 1 stone of 8mm. Assuming ultrasound is not very accurate in getting the stone size - I assumed that it would be 7mm stone. All this while stent was inside my body. So basically, after 1 month of the incident, I had a 7mm stone left in my kidney, and stent was in in place.

Then I took some medication that supposedly breaks the stone (eastern medicine). I went for my KUB after 20 days of taking the medicine. KUB showed 3 stones with largest being 6mm. The other two were 5mm and 4mm. Now, I am confused as to what happened. Did the 7mm stone break, or ultrasound just did not detect the other 2 stones.

In any case, my doctor advised ESWL. We went for it in the hope that all the 3 buggers will be powdered in no time. Guess what, none of the stones could be crushed. The biggest one got 1500 shocks and could only be chipped a little. The other two were practically same size as before.

Now, my stent is removed, and I supposedly have 3 stones (2 months after the first episode). I passed some gravel (5-6 tiny pieces). After that nothing.  I am planning to give those pieces for analysis. Not sure what these stones are made of, that ESWL could not shatter.

My doctor is too relaxed about this (and practically unapproachable to talk in details) and hence I am posting my story here in hope that someone may have experienced similar thing and might share what to expect next.
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once all stone removed... they can come back years later??
my sister had several kidney stone, and passed thru pee some and couple stuck inside her..and gone thru sergery to remove. that was a year later..and  Doc said there are no more stones... and Now she got couple stone, suddenly showed up Scan!!! :(  is it possible?? why it's coming back? Any one can answer that..Pleeeeaase??! mucho gracias!
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i am 43 years old male have a uric acid history and been developing uric acid stones. Twice i have passed the stones the first was easy and without any damage to my urethra but the second one was bigger then the last one and so it while passing damaged my urethra as i witnessed a flash and blood.

After that it is been a year and still have a pain or maybe a piece of stone remaining that keeps me uncomfortable all the time.

I am looking for a good solution fast.

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keep drinking lot of water, also go to another doc for second opinion
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To all sufferers of kidney stones, you must try Renavive. It is a natural herbal product that really works. Believe me, as one with kidney stones, including one stuck in my right ureter, Renavive really works~! It works naturally to dissolve the stones and also stops the related pain. I had sharp right flank pain, accompanied by fever, chills and lower back pain on my right back side. Within 30 minutes of taking Renavive, my pain started to ease. This is an incredible, effective product.
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I am having the exact same problem your husband had, right now. I have 8 stones in my left and 9 in my right. I was told that one of them seems to be about 4mm in size. One from the right kidney is trying to pass, and I am urinating less. I too have been drinking lots of water. In fact each time I get a stone, it get's stuck. I've had 7 lithotripsies, and the last one was in September 2012, and it was 6mm. Anything, 3mm and bigger won't pass all of the way I have to get a stint put in, and I am down for 2 weeks after because of the infection I get. I am in the small 2% of adults that encounters this issue with every stone. Since I have SO MANY, I don't see why they can't do the ultra-sonic stone blast. I heard it's painful but I'd insist on general anesthesia because my experience has been a terrible on every-time.
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I have one stuck in urethra right now I believe. I'm not sure what to do as it's been stuck for many days now, but I do think you can avoid then all together by avoiding too much dairy, taking magnesium supplements and drinking lots of water with lemon juice. If they are calcium stones then it's most likely a magnesium defficiency. If they are protein stones then avoid the meats and protein shakes. It's the stupid messages we have stuck in our heads that we don't have enough calcium and protein due to the meat and dairy industries.
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Had one stuck in my urethra for the last 3 months, past it this morning. it's my third stone but never had one stuck there before. It had a black center and yellow crystal built up around it. Dr thought it was prostitis and UTI and have been treated 3 times with Cypro for a UTI. Currently on Cypro for 7 days as I obviously had an infection cause the discomfort and urge was unbarable. Been feeling normal the last couple of days until some sexual activity last night brought the pain back instantly. I managed to shake it loose as it came out in the morning pee. Been drinking 100% pure, natural cranberry since monday, it's gross but I think the acid helped.
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Where can I get Renavive? Is it available in Pharmacies? Or by online order only? I found out it is a US product, but I live in Edmonton, Canada.
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I'm going through the same problem right now. I'm 20 years old. And las time about 2 months ago I had ultra soundthe Dr. Said I've sands on my kidney like smalls stones but more than 10 on both, they said they will have to do cytoscopy, and Its been two months now I didn't do the cytoscopy, and i feel now like the stone is stuck in my ureter, I suddenly get pian and it suddenly goes, but the problem is I can my kideny is getting fat lol like its increasing in size because I can feel it, the section near to my left kidney is fat, is it the because of the stone? What about if my kidney brusts?? Because its blocked and the fluids have no place to do
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i underwent ACL surgery on 14 april. its been around 18 days since and i am suffering from ureter stone. i did CT Urogram and founded that 10x6 mm stone is stuck at 15 mm from VUJ junction.I am not sure what to do. Is it ok to have Ureteroscopy within 18-20 days of ACL surgery? Can ESWL be performed at this location of stone. i have been drinking lot of fluid and 1-2 mnths back my stone was at lower pole in right kidney. Please help
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Notes on what to expect with Kidney stones, based off of my first passing of one:

For a long time, you may feel a tightness in your right side (flank area, bottom right of your stomach).  It may be really subtle, just like a mild sensation of someone lightly pressing on that area.

The passing of a kidney stone goes through stages.  The most painful of these stages is when the stone passes from your kidney into your ureter tube…this passage can feel like someone is repeatedly stabbing you in the side, or that a knife is slowly running through your intestines.  This is when you will REALLY feel the pain in your back.  Later stages bring pain more to the front of your body.  This pain, for me, lasted about 30-45 minutes.  Then, it just randomly vanished…part of the discomfort comes from your body having contractions trying to move the stone along.  Another portion of the pain comes from the fact that these stones are very hard and can be jagged.  

The doctors may try to prescribe you opiates…they are worthless…they will make you feel ****** up in a bad way.  Don’t take them.  Ibuprofen can help.  So can weed.

Also, they will prescribe you Rapiflow.  Who knows how much this helps.  I will say that I took one rapiflow right before my stone finally passed.  I also chugged water and Pink Lady Apple Kombucha.

Once the stone is in your ureter tube you will feel a different pain.  The pain will be felt much more now on the front of your body, between your lower right stomach to your bladder area.  The stone can stay here for months.  In my case, it was in this stage for about 6-7 weeks.  

When the stone moves into your bladder, you will notice that the majority of the discomfort is in your bladder (right above your **** in the front), especially towards the end of your pee stream.  The pain will last throughout going pee, and a maybe for a few minutes after you urinate, but will then fade for the most part until you urinate again.  My kidney stone was in the stage for about a week.  

As the stone passes out of your bladder into your penis shaft, you will begin to feel pain in your actual penis.  The stone, once in your penis, will hurt.  You will have the same pain as the bladder stage, but now much more in your penis itself, and when the stone is JUST about to pass, the pain will remain for a long time in your penis.  This is because the stone is stuck in your actual penis.  If the stone rotates a bit at this stage, you can get a super quick, extremely sharp “SHOCK” type pain in your penis.  It’s a nasty little pain.

At this stage, I chugged water, took 1 rapiflow pill, and chugged a Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple Kombucha.  Then the stone passed.  During this urination, I really tried to ‘push’ the stone out, and out it came.  It felt just like you’d imagine a small rock would feel like coming out of your penis.  It was like throwing up, out of my penis.

I scooped the stone out of the toilet.  Nasty little bugger.  I feel better, but there was still a little bit of burning after I finished peeing the first pee after passing the stone.  I imagine I have some irritation in there due to the stones passing, but that this will finally heal up soon.

A few things:  you will get blood in your urine from time to time throughout the passing of a stone, in all of its stages.  This will usually look like a slightly orange, or slightly rosey colored urine.  

Also, I believe that Kombucha helps clean out your kidneys.  It was from drinking a large volume of Kombucha that the passing of this stone was initiated.  And I chugged a Health-Ade Pink Lady Kombucha right before I passed the stone.  It worked!
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it might have to be pushed back up inside the kidney and broke up with shock waves if its been like this for more than a few days then you need to go to your physician. drink plenty of fluids and take magnesium vitamins.
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I know what you mean!  I went to the er doubled over in pain, nausea and vomiting.   They did a cat scan and said there was a three mm stone in my left ureter.   Sent me home with pain meds and anti nausea meds.   6 1/2 weeks later and three more painful episodes later I still have not passed it.  I am in terrible discomfort.  Most of the time I can't pee at all.  I think it may now be in my urethra because I have had intense groin pain and the left flank pain has become more tolerable.  I have been back to my primary 3 times, he had refused to send me to a urologist.  Finally this week I was able to see one.   They are now going to send me for another cat scan.  This has taken over my life.   I constantly feel like I have to pee.   I have been drinking enough water to float a small ship to china.   Any suggestions.  The docs all look at me like I'm crazy.  I don't think they believe that it hasn't passed.  Believe me the pain is real!
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