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Kidney Stone


Question about a kidney stone....I am 35 with a history of uric acid stones.  Most have passed uneventfully without medical intervention.  Pain is usually rather mild.

As of 1 week ago I began passing a kidney stone.  Syptoms stopped after 2-3 days, but I never noticed the stone pass.  I have absolutely no symptoms now, no sign of infection.  Just wondering if the stone could have passed, disolved or may be obstructive.  Would I have any symptoms with a ureter obstruction?  How long can the obstruction go before it damages the kidney, assuming I have no infection?  Can a uric acid stone simply disolve without being passed (I had been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice to help it pass).

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I appologize for the repost, for some reason when I originally checked back I didn't see my original message.

Mea culpa
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If there was an obstruction you would probably know about it. The pain would probably be described as the worst pain you have ever expierenced. My advice would be to make an apointment with your doctor. Also I am unsure about uric stones but there is probably a medication that could reduce the risk of getting another attack.
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