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Kidney Stones vs. Salt Deposits?

I'm currently living abroad, and the doctors here have proven to be a little short of helpful. I went to the doctor about a month ago with pain in the area of my appendix. They ruled out appendicitis and asked me to do an ultrasound of my kidneys. The ultrasound showed 'sand' up to 2.5 mm. One of the stones was 4 mm. The doctor prescribed me a medicine called 'Blemaren' that supposedly dissolves kidney stones.

Today (a month later) I went to another urologist. He took a look at my test results and said that he does not see any sign of inflammation. The ultrasound I did today showed 'sand' 3-4 mm. The doctor said that I have nothing to worry about, that these are just salt deposits that will go away if I drink enough water and take some pills for a month. I've searched the internet and found that kidney stones and salt deposits are the same thing. He said the pain in my abdomen was probably due to one of the deposits passing. He said that the pain that I 'think' is in my right kidney is more than likely my back.

Can somebody please help me? I've tried so many doctors here, and not a single one of them can give me a straight answer that checks with Western medicine. The joys of living abroad...

Thanks in advance,

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The salt deposits & small stones are one and the same thing and the pain which you had could likely be due to one of the passing stones in the ureter. The best treatment is a regular consumption of fluids. They tend to wash away these stones. A lot of my patients have passed these small stones after a few glasses of beer. Remember to drink a glass of water before going to bed as the maximum concentration of urine takes place at night. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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