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Kidney Stones

I have a 15 yr. history with kidney stones.  I had my most recent attack 3 weeks ago and it was one of the longest enduring of any I've had, with the most severe flank and ureter pain lasting almost 12 hrs.  The last couple hours of the horrible pain, I experienced what I would almost call spasms very low down, and I've never had that before in any of the other attacks.  I had waves of pain and the urge to urinate every few minutes.  I passed two stones 42 hours later, and I've passed two more in the time that has passed with no pain.  However, these very slight spasms have continued off and on since that attack 3 weeks ago, but this last week they are progressively getting worse, more painful, and more constant.  Sometimes I feel something that seems to be very sharp and it feels as though it's right at the end of my urethra.  I took a urine specimen into my family doctor a couple days ago and they felt it was cloudy therefore sending it out for analysis, but also put me on cipro.  If it's an infection, it's not helping.  Could it be another stone stuck?  I only call my urologist as a last option, but think it's time.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include trauma, erosions, ulcers, stones/ calculi, infections, inflammations etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile you could try using some OTC anti-spasmodics and see if these seem to help with the pain.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you for your advice.  After 3 weeks of discomfort and having written this post, one evening I got some very sharp pains, felt like something at the very end of my urethra.  It was like a jab off and on for about a half hour, suddenly it was gone and I passed yet another stone, larger than the four beforehand.  I have been fine ever since, my thought being this stone had been causing all the spasms and discomfort following the kidney stone attack.  I did call my urologist, but couldn't get an appt. until late February, but had I still been in discomfort they would have sent me for an x-ray or cat scan.  Hopefully, I'm good until the next one comes along.
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