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Kidney Stones?

My last period was December 4th. Unfortunately, the week after, I developed kidney stones. Worst pain ever. My last stone passed shortly before Christmas. I have felt fine since then, except for the fact that my pee still isn't normal. It's very cloudy and smelly, and the doctor said it shows a lot of white blood cells. It has now been about a month since my last stone passed, my doctor said my pee should be normal by now. I was tested for an infection many times during the time I had the stones, and even again, at a follow up appointment after the stones were gone, and the tests all said no infection. Now, my doctor is treating me for one, since the WBCs are still showing, which doesn't make sense to me (she also sent my pee away for further testing AGAIN, but I won't get those results until later this week).

I don't know if this is related, but I also am missing my period, I haven't had one in about 50 days, since before the stones. I know for a fact I am not pregnant, and I have never, ever been this late before. It makes sense that my period may be late from the stress my body went through with the stones last month, but with my last period being December 4th, should I be alarmed that it is THIS late?! I've read online that it could be a symptom of kidney disease. I'm just wondering if the cloudy pee and missed period is "normal" or common after kidney stones? Do I have a right to be concerned, or am I worrying over nothing? Although I am not in any pain, my doctor doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, but something does not seem right...
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Hi there!

The delay in periods is likely to have resulted from the stress or infection and should not be anything to worry about. I would also agree with your doctor in getting treated for an infection with WBC’s constantly sowing up in the urine, since this could occur from organisms not detected by routine tests. If the symptoms do not resolve with the current treatment, you may see a review with your treating doctor for further testing and management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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