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Kidney and Bladder Problems

I constantly suffer from a very uncomfortable, not always painful, bladder infection. If I need to go, I need to go now. It feels as though the muscles are cramping when I do go too. I went to my GP and he did a dipstick test which showed a very bad infection, which he said was in the kidneys and the bladder. I've been suffering for w few years and I've taken broad spectrum antibiotics, but it didn't fully clear the infection. I drink plenty of water and Citro Soda, but nothing has seemed to help. I have also heard of Pelvic Floor Syndrome, which was a suggested ailment, but then the test shouldn't have shwowed and infection.

Any suggestions on treatment and what it might be?
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Was a urinalysis and urine culture done?

Was any other diagnostic exam done?

Urinary stones, an underlying obstruction, history of surgery or instrumentation , and diabetes to name a few may cause some recurrent urinary tract infections .Have these been ruled out?

Do keep us posted for your answers.
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I went for a urine test, they found absolutely nothing except for triple phosphate crystals. They now need me to do blood tests to check the phosphate levels in my blood. My GP said it is necessary, but not urgent. My disomfort is still bad.
I am not diabetic, and have had no sugery done before.
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Your physician is looking into serum phosphate levels in your blood as this may contribute to your condition.Serum calcium levels in the urine and blood may also need to be assessed.The presence of the crystals may suggest the presence of urinary tract stones which may cause recurrent urinary tract infections.A complete work up including assessment of parathyroid homones may be needed.

Continue taking adequate amount of fluids each day.Also regular exrecises improves circulation. Take this one step at a time. Your physician is looking into further causes of your symptoms.
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I do drink 2 litres or more of water a day, and I do exercise regularly.

Is there anything potentially dangerous that I might have, or need I not worry?
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This does not sound like an urgent problem. Prevent yourself from worrying too much. I understand that going through all these is not easy but a positive and proactive attitude will mean a lot.

Let us wait for the results of the blood tests.

What results were requested?
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