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Kidney pain/ Not being able to urinate

  My name is Marissa And I am 21 yrs old, I have high Bp for several years. weighing at 198 lbs. Recently I have been fainting/passing out. But my bp has been high still with the fainting. The night of 12/29/2015 at 12:00am I woke up to use the bathroom, and I noticed my body felt weird that night so I slowed down sat for a second and then got up. I then sat on the toilet still feeling dizzy. I then started feeling confused and just clueless to where I was. I then started feeling very weak not being able to move my body, I then got up looked at myself and noticed pale face and pale lips. I then don't remember opening the bathroom door. and then I passed out going forward hitting my head on the bathroom hardfloor. I don't remember how long I was out. Then I got up and called my mom for help she took me to the er. I went in they diagnosed me with dehydration. they gave me fluids, along with nausea med in my iv. The next morning I kept waking up to my whole right side going numb. I then started feeling dizzy the next afternoon. I then did a follow up with my primary few days after. And explained my situation. Then now I started noticing that I'm not able to urinate at all unless it's 3 drops of urine.  The er mentioned that my kidneys were at a 1.70.  I have been unable to eat, drink water. I have lost my appetite since I passed out. I try and eat and drink water but I get sick to my stomach. Now when my blood results come in to my dr. If the results aren't to great he want's to place me in the er again for not getting a lot of nutrients and water, and food. I have started getting lower back pain, side pain, upper pain by kidneys along with upper back pain where the kidneys are. Do you know what the hospital can do if I'm not able to urinate, along with kidney pain, and not eating, and drinking water? So I know ahead of time?
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