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Kidney pain after stent removal

i had a kidney stone a  week ago, had surgery, had stent in and the stent was just removed a few days ago. i have been in severe pain ever since, especially in the lower of left kidney. i have to urinate every couple of hours , the flow of urine is normal, and then the pain worsen. its almost unbearable. flomax, cipro,    .The urologist told me I was not going to have any more kidney pain after stent removal. I went home and wanted to believe him, so after a couple of hours, the pain increased almost or perhaps more than before. the pain sometimes take a long time to subside and I can relax a bit, but as soon as I urinate, the pain comes back worse than last time before. Heeelppp, please somebody tell me what could be waiting for me, what to look forward to,
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i had my ureterscopy on 14 april2009.i had a stone of 15 mm which was really very big,because of it even my urine output was nil before surgery.after surgery i wasok,dr.put the dj stent and told me that stent to be removed after21 days.then on 2 may i had my stent removed without anesthesia,it was little bit painful.but after removal i had a tremendous pain which subsided by taking voveran injection.
charu nasa
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      How are you? Some amount of pain after stent removal is common, but this subsides after taking pain killers. If pain killers do not relive the pain, the other causes for this could be recurrence of stones, ureteral stricture or scarring etc.
I would suggest that you get a scrotal ultrasound and urine analysis and visit a urologist for further assistance.
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Hello. I have a question. My brother is 24 has only one kidney. When he was born they took out his left kidney. Today he has been having very sharp pain in his right side of his back and we went to the emergency room. They made CT scan and blood and urine work. Urine showed no blood but infection. Ct scan showed that he has a 4 mm stone in his urethra. They admitted him to the hospital and stated on 0,45% NACL, gave him antibiotic and flomax. They want to do stent placement in his urethra so the stone doesn't block his urethra and then burn with laser the stone. Please give me advise if this procedure is really necessary, what risks does it have? because he has only one kidney I am very concerned if this stent and laser will not have other effects on it?? Please help me. Thank you.
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Hello I am a 26 year old female who had a stent placement on monday and I also have been taking cipro and flomax and since then I feel like im getting a yeast infection. Im just feeling very dry in my vaginal area is that common and will I still feel like that after the stent is removed and I didnt have any symptons prior to surgery inregaurds to this vaginal discomfort ???????
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Hi I have removed my kidney stones by laser & stent last month, but frequently bleeding is occur and waves pain in stomach and back pain. Kindly let me know if u have know the root cause.
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I am so glad I found this forum tonight!  I just had another kidney stone surgery last Thurs. 10/20, and had the stent out yesterday.  (This was my 8th stone and I still have one in my left kidney).  I thought I'd feel so much better after getting the stent out as the dang thing was absolutely killing me with no relief with pain meds - dilaudid, percoset or vicodin.  I had a stent almost 2 yrs ago and it was bothersome but nothing like this one.  The very first one had the string so I pulled it out - finally relief from that as it was horrendous!  Anyway, after I had it taken out yesterday, by the time I got home I was in more pain than the stent caused and could not control it or me!  The doc sent me back to the ER and they did another CT scan and gave me more dilaudid IV.  That helped but didn't take it all away. I feel so nauseated and hardly any appetite - almost flu-like.  The pain now feels like a miscarriage - but it is getting better.  I just feel so sick. The doc said I had a lot of kidney swelling and other edema and 'debris' inside me -I guess in the ureter.   Having these stones and the subsequent stents are madness!!  The pain is nearly enough to make you not want to live any  longer - that is how excruciating this is.  I did find one (and the main) cause of mine and that is Topamax. I have been taking it for about 6 or 7 years for migraine control. Not any longer! The stones started showing up a year or so after I began it. I did the 24 hr urine test and they can tell you what type of stone you have and how to avoid them. Good luck to us all - we need it!
I just had a large staghorn 2cm stone removed through a small cut in my back along with 3 other smaller stones. The stent was removed by myself and I felt good, Dr told me to eat a regular diet as soon as I left the hospital. I went through 2 bad cases of something inside me causing me to get backed up and ending up in the er with such abdominal pain I couldn't deal with, 4 days later I'm on liquid diet trying to fix myself because the drs seem to think I can eat anything. I don't think it has to do with the stent removal but pray to God noone goes through the pain I've been through.
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hi, i'm only 18.... and pregnant! i went to ER because of extreme pain in my kidney area, and they didn't know what was wrong. they sent me for a ct scan and sent me home.
i went back to er a week later with same pain, and they still didn't know. they gave me morphine and stuffed me with so many more drugs i don't even know. sent me for an ultrasound then they sent me home again.
i went back about a month later with same pain, and they finally told me i had 2 kidney stones in my ureter that were blocking my ureter, so my kidney would swell, and thats what caused the pain. the dr sent me to a specialist.
i went to see specialist, and he said easy fix, they were gonna put me out, do a lithotripsy and it will be done, quick and easy.....
a little while later we find out i'm pregnant! (YAY!) i call the specialist and tell him, and he cancels the appointment and says its a big risk for the baby..... understandable. then he says i should have no problem passing them, theyre not that big. (one was 6.4mm and the other 4.4mm) let's just say, I DID NOT PASS THEM.
i've had to go back to the er about 6 times, while being pregnant. and each time, they basically sent me home while i was in the fetal position because they couldn't do anything because i was pregnant.
i finally went this last time, got the most brilliant dr in the world (i love her) and she finally said go see a different specialist. we did.
a day later, i was having a lithotripsy done, while 23 weeks pregnant. they removed one stone, 1.1 cm big. they froze me from the ribs down so i was still awake and i didn't feel a darn thing! the baby is amazingly well and kicking like crazy still.
he put a stent in and said i should come back in 1-2 weeks, get a checkup and have the stent removed. but, just a few hours ago, part of it came out on its own! i was sitting on the toilet for probly an hour, talking to my family dr, trying to track down the surgeon, talking to telehealth trying to figure out what to do.
the surgeon finally calls back and says don't worry, just pull it out yourself. so i did. it doesn't hurt that much. but now, my kidney is hurting. but it feels like the beginning stages of when i had to go into the er before. so now i'm kinda scared lol
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Hi there! You poor thing!I had a stent put in 2 weeks ago emergency surgery after severe right flank pain (thank GOD for dilaudid) The stent didn't bother me for several days, then I made another trip back to the er and passed another stone. I had my stent removed yesterday (strange, sorta painful but nothing like a kidney stone and its a fast procedure) HOWEVER. If anyone is reading this about to have a stent removed PLEASE take pain medicine before you go and your pyridium or uribel to prevent spasms (my doc gave me some before procedure was started)...within 3-5 hours I felt like i had a HORRIBLE bladder infection and my side was a little sore...I read someones post on here to get a heating pad and take pain med which I did, and that helped SO much. I am fine today, but please be aware everyone to take some medicine IMMEDIATELY after the stent is removed..it wont hurt for a bit but when it hits OMG. Good news again is that mine was limited to just several hours. Good luck everyone, I feel your pain!!!
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I had a stent removed just yesterday and OMG the pain!!!!! My doc said it won't hurt removing it but may feel uncomfortable for a few days while the swelling goes down...Yea not uncomfortable. ..in severe pain!!! The day of the removal I was in so much pain I believe I passed out...pain meds aren't working...sometimes it eases the pain a lil but never takes it away...i am curious as to how long this is going to go on? Is this something I should go to Er about or give it time to go away?
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Stent removal for me was very painful numbing gel didn't do a thing I passed a big stone with stent have about 8 more to go. Kidney stone pain is the worst ever .kidneys were slowing up due to urine backing up into kidney . was pretty sick having stomach and back pain now .
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My 26 year old daughter just had her stent removed after having a stone removed that was lodged in ureter . An hour after taking the stent out she was in more pain than the stone caused . It wouldn't stop even with hydro condone . It was absolutely awful for her !!! She ended up in the hospital twice within a week, once for the procedure and back again for the severe , constant pain . Dr said it was from spasms idk but it was horrible . She stayed two days and left hospital with toradol and flo max . I pray for you to have some relief . Watching my daughter suffer with this has been terrible . Hope all goes well.
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I had a stent put in a week ago ,I'm having it out in 2 days I was concerned if the pain got any better but I see it,s not , was wondering how long the pain lasts and the best meds for iti in case ,I have a lot of pain right now I find the only thing helps are Tylenol3s and advil extra strength.
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I had two kidney stones one in my kidney and another is in my ureter since 12 years.and some days before doctor removed my ureter stone by URS and inserted a stent which was very painful.after 18 days, he removed the stent.now i feel relaxed but sometimes having pain in my ureter which is unbearable.doctor asked me to visit after one week because i have infection in my ureter.he gave me antibiotic injections and medicine.and said when your infection will be recovered, we will break ur kidney's stone.
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I had laser surgery left ureter 5 days ago. The Dr acted like this was a minor surgery and very little pain. Did not give me pain meds except for ibuprofen 800mg. While I had the stent in, ibuprofen took the pain from 10/10 to a 5/10. I tried to call Dr because of the pain, they told me no amount of pain meds will take the pain away completely, you will feel better once stent is out. Boy that was a lie!! I took the stent out 3 days later and I have been in severe pain since then. The 1st day I had to call 911 I was in so much pain and nothing helped. They said I should just tall to my Dr. Called the Dr again and they just told me to take ibuprofen every 4 hours instead of 6. That helped for a little bit but now every night I am in so much pain I can't function. Tylenol, Aleve and the ibuprofen doesn't help and they won't give me narcotics. I am so done with this pain. No one said this was going to happen.
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