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Kidney pain and burning urethra?

4 months ago I started having a burning sensation in my urethra after I would urinate and also having discharges.  I sought treatment and was given a shot + pills for chlamydia and gonorhea.  I gave a urinanalysis sample too.

2 weeks later, the discharge had stopped,but I still had the occasional cloudy urine plus the burning urethra.  I went back to the clinic and was treated for the same symptoms with the same pills + shot again.  This time I also did a 'swab' for gonorhea and chlamydia as the Dr. said the urinalysis had been  "screwed up".  Both tests were negative on both counts as well.  How he managed to get the results from my  "screwed up" urinalysis, I don't know.

1 month later I still had the symptoms and I got a prescription for Levaquin as I thought maybe I had prostatitis.  I took the prescription and still had the symptoms of burning urethra and occasionally cloudy urine.

3 weeks ago both my kidneys started to ache when I wake up and will do so until about 20 min. after I urinate.  I still have the burning urethra, the front of my  pelvic area aches with sharp pain in the areas where the ureter(s) run, and my left  testicle has started to ache.

I went to a different Dr. and gave a urine sample + blood sample.  The  urine sample said that my urine was slightly lacking in acidity and I had slight traces of bacteria but no blood.  The blood samples were for HIV, syphilis and herpes.  I was negative on HIV, syphilis and herpes simplex 2 but I have herpes simplex 1 since I've had a cold sore on my lip for 10 years.  On my first visit to this Dr., my blood pressure was 134/95, on the next visit it was 154/90.  I am a vegetarian and exercise regularly.  I quit smoking a month and a half ago, and even then I smoked about 10 cigs a day.  I engage in intense CV activites 2-4 times a week.  I've never had high blood pressure before. Also, the first clinic visit I had showed slightly elevated blood pressure.

After the first visit, the Dr. gave me some biaxin and the symptoms remained.  He gave me another prescription of biaxin on the 2nd visit and the symptoms remain.  I should mention at this time for the sake of diagnosis that I have the HCV antibody in my system. I have never had a hep fit and I have never been in the risk groups such as needles, blood transfusion etc.  It's said to potentially be spread through sexual intercourse but none of my long term lovers have had it.  I had a pcr scan done in '96 and the virus was not detected.

So the Dr.thinks it could be either 1)  A urinary tract infection  2)  Kidney stones  3)  Skeletal interference  4)  Herpes simplex 1 "going crazy" and attacking the lower portions of my body or 5)  A hernia.

It seems that all of these ideas are relatively far away from eachother in terms of treatment/cause.  I've been researching and looking for something that includes all my symptoms and I can't find it.  So I'm wondering if this set of symptoms coupled with my past history seem familiar at all?  
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You have clearly been treated with several courses of antibiotics.  It may be time to consider a non-infectious etiology of your symptoms.  

This would include urethral polyps or urethral strictures which may be causing your symptoms.  A cystoscopy can be considered to evaluated for these conditions.

Another consideration would be the prostate, as you have previously mentioned.  If the urinalysis has already been done, a transrectal ultrasound can be considered to image the prostate.

Hernia is also possible and can be evaluated with a pelvic CT scan or ultrasound.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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