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Kidney pain and testical pain that comes and goes

For the past month or so I have been getting a pain in my right lower back (Kidney area) that comes and goes.  It also radiates to my right testicle.  The pain is mostly in the morning before I get up.  It is not an intense pain, just a dull ache.  My right testicle will seem hard and has a dull ache as well.  Once I am up, the pain subsides and the testicle goes back to being soft and no pain.  Most of the day I feel no pain, unless I concentrate on it, then there is a slight pain.  I went to the Urgent care unit that my Dr is associated with and was given some antibodics, that did not help.  They had me take some ultra sound tests for my testicle, abdomen and kidney.  I asked yesterday if they received results of the ultra sound and they did not know.  I am planning to go on vacation and am worried I will get deathly ill on vacation.  I am thinking this may be kidney stones or kidney cancer.  Please give me some ideas.  I am a worry wart and this will ruin my vacation.  
Thank you
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It is natural to be worried about any pain in the kidney area.

Pain radiating from the lower back (flank) to the groin area has a lot of causes. Some of the common causes can be stones and infections in the urinary tract and the kidneys. A renal or a testicular cause can also be present.

You should discuss the reports of the ultrasound scan with your doctor to find out the cause of the pain who can then suggest the right treatment for you. More tests may be needed to find out the cause of the pain.

Do write in if you need more information.


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Thanks for responding to my question.  I did ask my doctors office yesterday if they had the results for my ultra sound.  I took the tests two weeks ago.  They had no record.  I am leaving on a vacation in 5 days and do not have time to retake tests.  I can stand the pain, I guess.  What kind of over the counter pain medication would you suggest that I take should the pain continue longer then just in the AM?  Also, since the pain comes and goes, I am assuming that is should not be a life threating situation.  What do you think?
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