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Kidney problems? Stones? Or back problems?

This started with a severe kidney infection (very high white blood count & nitrites & blood in urine) where I had a fever & was sore all down my entire trunk of my body with no burning when I urninated & not just pain in my kidney, it was my entire body from my ribs down to my thighs. A day or two into the Cipro (had to take for 3 weeks) it started to hurt in my mid back waist area & had a sharp pain in my side when I walked. Then the cipro fixed all that pain (except the pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder) in about 5 or 6 days.

I went to the osteopath dr. yesterday for my pinched nerve in neck issue (I had this a few weeks before the kidney infection). Although he didn't read through my chart or check through all of my tests, he did question why I should be on Cipro for 3 weeks. He also questioned my CT scan appointment & thinks since I don't have insurance I should wait instead of spending $1200. (Although if I had insurance, he says I should since I have the blood in my urine.) He says that my back is a mess & questioned my where my pain was as opposed to pain from a kidney stone. He said it would hurt more up in the kidney & not in the groin/bikini line area & the side/lower back. He snapped my pubic bone (which really hurt) & did some other things to my back. He wants me back in next week but he's out so I can't see him for nearly 3 weeks. He says I can go 2 weeks before it would become serious if I had an obstructed stone. Should I cancel my CT scan appointment for Monday like he thinks I should? He said he had a kidney stone & that laying on your back or side should not hurt if you have a kidney stone. Or should I listen to the other 2 doctors? I quit taking that cipro. I am done with that ****. I have been crying all afternoon, what an emotional roller coaster! They say I still have blood in my urine, but may my spotty wierd period messed it up even though I tried to be very careful. Anyway, I feel like the cramping that was so horrendous was probably more from the cipro as a side effect than anything. Although the meds they gave for the bladder spasms did help & take that away. I still have the pain there, though. I guess I am asking you all your opinion. Does any of my symptoms sound like kidney stones? Or is these 2 doctors mistaking the side effects of Cipro for the symptoms of kidney stones? My symptoms again are:
Pain in lower back,
Pain in groin/crotch/bikini line sometimes radiating down butt & front/inside thigh,
Pain in lower abdomin,
Weight Loss,
Nausea/loss of appetite,
Blood in Urine,
High heart rate
I had Extreme cramping the other day in lower abdomin & down legs with pain in back,
Pain worse at night because laying down painful,
Sometimes peeing my burn or seem hard to come out like I have to push out but then sometimes it's normal,
& I feel bloated.

Please chime in your 2 cents. I am very curious to see what you think about my symptoms - if they even slightly sound like a kidney infection.

Thank you up front for anyone who replies to this post. I REALLY appreciate it.
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Do the CT scan. There are so many organs in that area that can have problems. Cysts or dermoids on the ovaries can put pressure on other organs causing pain or actually become attached to other organs.  Don't put it off. Hopefully it's something simple, but you will be extremely upset if you wait and get told down the road, "IT would be so much easier to treat if we got it early"  A CT scan is nothing and don't let others scare you about the drinl before-just make it icey cold and it's nothing.

Hope to hear how things go. Good luck
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