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Kidney problems and health care

I was "gifted" with a kidney stone (5mm) for Valentines Day this year.  I have no insurance.  Although at one time the stone was in perfect position for lithotripsy, lack of insurance forbid that.  I have been in pain on and off for the last 5 months.  I've had 3 UTI, 3 Cat Scans, 2 Xrays, blah blah blah.
Finally last week the stone got jammed at the distal end just before the bladder opening.  Sent me to the ER in major pain.  (I've had 2 kids without anesthesia), this was major pain.  Also I was retaining urine.  They drugged me up and sent me home.
At my regular urology appt. 2 days later I was found to have a dilated ureter, hydronephrosis, and in an emergency situation.
I had laser surgery later that day.  Happy 4th of July to me.  After a week of Norco, and pyridium, I am going to have my stent removed tomorrow.  Praying it goes well.
I am self employed and currenly about 12 grand in the hole.
The urologists office was kind enough to tell me what I owed while I was getting my IV started.  I was alone in preop, (except for their amazing staff) and despite my health care background, I was scared.  I was supposed to give them 1200 dollars.  At the time I couldn't even reach my checkbook.  (not that my checkbook would've done any good).
Bottome line.  Hindsight is great ain't it.  I would've sold the damned kidney to someone that needed it to survive.  I would've made a profit, gotten rid of the stone, and a LOT of debt.  
That's the condition of health care.  Yes, I'm slightly bitter.  I've spent 42 years in health care but can't get it.  At least not without facing the possiblity of bankruptcy.  Organ donation would have been a better option.  Hope that whoever gets to sit in the Whitehouse for the next 4 years needs a kidney.  I'll gladly sell it.  After all, it's already cost me an arm and a leg.  (hope it gives him stones)  

This discussion is related to ureteral stent.

This discussion is related to ureteral stent.
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Hi there!

I understand the feeling of receiving medical bills, but this is the plight of healthcare today. At the doctor’s end insurance costs a lot and so does training, maintaining office staff etc; while this could have worked well with the concept of socialized medicine or 100% coverage by insurance; most countries lack this concept. It is just a projection of the priority a country/ government and the individual gives to health. Hopefully we may see some reforms in future.
Have a good health.

Take care!
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