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Kidney problems due to erysipelas infection and dehydration

Posted By Harry on February 21, 1999 at 14:35:55:

A good old (78) friend of mine has been in hospital (IC) for 2 weeks for treatement of severe infection (erysipelas).
Due to high fever he suffered dehydration.
After a few days of treatement the infection and dehydration disappeared.
The problem now is that his kidneys still are not functioning as should be.
The creatinine is gradually decreasing but is still to high. The Urea level also is to high without showing any decrease yet.
The amount of urine has returned to normal.
My friend is still very sleepy and suffers itching problems.
The only treatement now is infusion of water.
Is there no other treatment possible. E.g. medication to stimulate his kidneys?

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