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Kidney stone and ejaculation


I am being treated with medicine DYNAPRESS for kidney stone. I have taken 3 dozes of the medicine and I notice that during sex there is no semen coming out. Earlier there were no such problems. Please advise if I should continue with the medicine.

Many thanks.
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Dynapress (Tamsulosin hydrochloride ) has  a known effect upon ejaculation in some individuals. There is no damage as a result of this and the effect should reverse when you stop the medication. Thus, there is no need to stop the medicine.
The medication has been shown to result in a higher rate of  spontaneous passage of ureteral stones (particularly the larger ones).
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only. It
does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Henry Ford  Hospital  or the
Vattikuti Urologic Institute.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic
and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical  condition.
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Thanks for the reply

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I was asked by the doctor to stay on medicines (DYNAPRESS) for 2 weeks and drink good quantity of water and other liquids. After two weeks I still have stone at the same place (left proximal ureter) and now the size has increased to 13mm (length) x 5mm (width) from 5mm x 5mm two weeks back. My question is:

1. I don't have any kind of pain, fever or vomiting now. So is it not possible that my reports for CT scan are wrong

2. If the stone is still there and perhaps increased than why I am not having pain or fever now which was very much there earlier.

Also note that I stopped taking DYNAPRESS about 1 week back when I found that I have  returned to normal life.

Many thanks for the valuable analysis and suggestions given by you.

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