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Kidney stone question!

On friday I went to the ER with horrible pain in my right side by my hip and throwing up and was told I have a 4mm kidney stone.I did a urine sample and a CT scan.SInce it was the weekend I have to wait until tomorrow morning(monday)to call the urologist to make an appointment.Im terrified.Ive never had surgery and I am greatly hoping for esw(the shockwave surgery)My question is with a 4mm stone that hasnt caused me any pain since ive been to the ER is it likely I can get eswl?Ive had random cramps and need to urinate but really no pain.especially no pain like i did on friday.im just curious since it hasnt passed yet is eswl something that i could get with 4mm? thanks
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Hi:  Did they give you an IV of anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen)?  When I had my kidney stone (5mm) a few years back, they did a CT scan in the ER and was told that since the stone had moved out of the kidney and into the ureter, I was not a candidate for lithotripsy (another name for the shockwave therapy).  I felt like I had to urinate but could not when they asked for a urine sample (just a little blood came out). The pain went away after a period of time while laying in the ER. I was then finally able to urinate quite a lot and felt much relief--no more pain.  They let me go home and was to see a urologist on Monday morning.  (This all happened in the middle of a Saturday night).  Later I learned that the stone had passed into my bladder while laying in the ER.  The super-duty IV reduced the swelling in the ureter enough so it could exit into my bladder.  They had me use a strainer to catch it--3 weeks later.  That was not painful at all, fortunately.  My guess is that it is in your bladder now and it may come out on its own at some point.  I wish you the best of luck.
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I got a ureteroscopy and the doctor found NO STONE! crazy.he put a stent in place and said i mustve passed it.but i swear i didnt pass it! i was checking and they gave me a strainer.i didnt use the strainer all the time but i didnt see it or feel it whatsoever.tomorrow i have an appointment with the doctor to get the stent out.im having back pain that feels really hot at times.like theres a heating pad burning my back.thats about all the pain.but who knows if the stones still there or not:( ill see tomorrow i guess
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