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Kidney stone stuck in upper ureter and have multiple giant liver hemangiomas

I've had a kidney stone 6mm stuck in my upper ureter for almost 3 months. The urologist is assuming it is a calcium oxalate stone. It hasn't moved. I've been on flowmax and drinking 2.5-3 liter of water daily. I have minimal kidney pain and told there is mild proximal hydronephrosis. Lithrotripsy has been suggested to remove the stone. I am concerned about my multiple giant liver hemangiomas (more than 7). The largest in the left lobe measuring more than 8cm. They have almost tripled in size in the past 8 years. I have heard that lithrotripsy can cause bruising and bleeding of organs adjacent to the kidney. Hemangiomas have been known to rupture with trama. What would be your suggestion for the least invasive methods to deal with the stone and not damage my liver. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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They can use alternate methods of breaking down the stone and removing it.  Yes, lithotripsy can cause damage to organs in proximity.  It is not recommended in child bearing age women.  They can laser the stone and remove it with a ureteroscopy.  They attach a stone basket to the ureterscope.  Hope you get that out and feeling better.
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Thanks for the info. I have read up on ureteroscopy and got the impression it was only used when the stone was in the lower ureter. Was thinking my only options were lithotripsy or they would have to do the procedure where they go in through your back and insert a drainage tube... I go back to the urologist tomorrow and wanted to be prepared with as much information as possible. This whole situation has me pretty worried. I've had a botched surgery that has caused me permanent damage and can't stop thinking the worst. Wish the stone would have passed on it's own as I am sure everyone else does.
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My mom swears that grape seed extract breaks the stones down. You could try that I guess. I had 11 stones that had to be recovered from my kidney and my urologist chose to do a ureteroscopy with laser since he was concerned about damaging my ovaries. We were going to undergo ivf again after I had the two kidney surgeries in Feb this yr. I did have ivf done and am 7 weeks along today so he must of chose the right method for me. I hope you get your issue resolved.
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It's been a few days and I wanted to congratulate you on the ivf. Fingers crossed for continued success. You've got to be so very happy. I'm beginning to think my stone is going to be with me 9 months. My most recent CT showed it is no longer stuck in my ureter but went back into my kidney. Now other stones are visible in both. My right kidney and bladder are showing signs of "pre" infection but they feel it isn't an urgent situation due to the fact it is in the kidney and not blocking the urine flow. Although my right kidney isn't emptying properly. Still uncomfortable pain and just want it over with. Did you have a stint put in following your ureteroscopy with laser? If so how long was it left in? Did you get antibiotics?
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