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Kidney stone stuck in urethra- experience

Just thought I'd share this since I found this site a few weeks ago when it started.  And there's nobody IRL I really want to tell...
I've been passing kidney stones for the better part of a year. After the first one I started regularly drinking cranberry and cherry juice due to all the advice about that....  have had maybe 4 or 5 episodes, every few months or so-- flank pain that starts out feeling like maybe back pain or maybe digestive pain and then at some point you realize it's another episode. I have been popping antacids for years due to heartburn-- have always suffered from that since I was a kid, but I have been taking Celebrex due to spinal problems for years now and that kicks up the heartburn.... anyways, I've cut back on the antacids to almost nothing on the supposition that it's all collecting in my kidneys.

So anyways I had an epsiode a hair over 3 weeks ago of passing a stone-- felt it moving, urine stream suddenly partially blocked, could feel it all, no ambiguity about what was happening-- and then it apparently lodged somewhere in or near the prostate.
I could feel it there pretty much all the time.... I told a urologist at work about it and he thought the stone had just irritated the insides on its way out, but time went on and I became convinced it was just stuck. have been having more and more thoughts about getting hold of a catheter and seeing if I could dislodge it, but it finally passed today.  It moved a little downstream and lodged maybe 1/2" from the exit, and then later exited with a bit of blood. Never been so happy to be bleeding....

I had told my doc about this general problem my last visit, and he ordered a KUB (bladder x-ray) which I followed up on the night after this stone episode began..... I sent an e-mail 2 days later asking him to take a look at  the x-ray and describing the current problem, never any response.

In any event, hope this is helpful to someone in a confusing situation.
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Hello and Welcome.

I'm glad you shared your story with us. No one can imagine the pain of passing kidney stones until they have passed one! I feel for you. However I'm a bit confused so maybe you can help me.

Kidney Stones remain in the Urinary Track. As you know they are formed in the kidney and travel from the kidney via our Ureter into the bladder and finally discharged from the bladder via the Urethra. The Prostate sits behind the bladder. The Urethra travels through the prostate gland which is divided in 4 zones and surrounds the urethra. So when you say your stone became lodged in your prostate-  that must mean you believe that your Prostrate gland is enlarged and is encroaching upon the Urethra - hence interfering with the passing of your kidney stone? Is that correct?

Have you had a stone analysis? It will help you determine what is causing your stones. They may or may not be related to your ingestion of Antacids - though it's a good possibly.

I have been plagued with kidney stones for years and had taken lots of antacids. Every few months, sometimes a few in a month.  Finally a Urologist told me to catch one after I successfully passed a stone close to 7mm - thought I was dying!

I have Struvite Stones. These have nothing to do with intake. I encourage you to find out the type of stones you are passing. Some times even changing your diet has little effect on stone formation. We're just lucky that way! Not!

Again thanks for sharing. I hope you never have another difficult stone. I hope you'll share with us the results of your KUB.

My Best,
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