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Kidney stones and diarrhea?

I wonder if anybody else has experienced diarrhea with kidney stones? I have had upwards of 40 kidney stones in the past four years but somehow still have no answers as to why my body is producing these or how to relieve them. And i never fail to turn up new symptoms or troubles. I have been having dark urine and a lot of kidney pain lately and I'm sure I have another stone working its way out of my kidney...I have also been suffering from frequent stools and diarrhe and I'm wondering if these can be related? I am so tired of the tummy trouble, that is causing me more discomfort than the actual kidney pain. Can kidney stones cause diarrhea? Even if they are not the most painful stones I've had?
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There are a few conditions which may be associated with both the diarrhea as well as the stones in the kidneys. Examples of the same are Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis, renal tubular acidosis etc. For the confirmation of the same, you’ll need further investigations like a CT scan, colonoscopy, urine analysis etc. Please do consult a urologist/gastroenterologist for the same. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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Thank you for that. I know that I should get back into a urologist but having no medical insurance have found it difficult to afford. My family doctor put me through a whole battery of tests a couple years back, which resulted in a referral to a GI specialist. Neither of them could find anything "wrong" with me. All my blood and urine work comes out as healthy as a person could be. I do not know if I was tested for Chron's or the other. I do know that I was tested for gluten intolerance. Their conclusion in the end was that my stomach ailments were due to stress on the job. I wonder if kidney stones can be caused by stress as well? Just feeling very frustrated of always being in pain and feeling so sick.
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