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Kidney stones or gall bladder?

I am a 45 yr old woman who has had a bout of kidney stones once before.  My father was also a sufferer of kidney stones.  I can remember hearing him crying i the bathroom and then coming out with crystals in a tea strainer when I was a kid.  I now fully understand what made him cry.  Alomst two months ago I developed some back pain that kind of wrapped around my sides and under my right rib cage.  This has intensified to the point of being taken by ambulance to the emergency room and being given morphine for about 8 hours.  During this time they did urine, blood, ct scan, ultrasound and came back saying they didn't see any stones or gall stones.  So they sent me home with a prescription of compazine and lortab.  I had another bad attack the other night and when it haoppens it is just unbearable to almost breathe.  The lor tab works to an extent but taking two of them makes me very sick to my stomach and causes vomiting sometimes.  So I tried taking 1 and waiting a while for the 2nd one, then I have to suffer with this unbelievable pain.  I have a different test on the 30th, a nuclear test, I believe calle the Hyders test or something like that.  Will this test find the gall or kidney stones?  Can it also find problemzs with my kidney or gall bladder other than stones.

I need help as I have 2 children 6 and 8 and it is affecting their life almost as much as mine.  I hate being in pain everyday.  Right now the pain on a scale of 1-10 is probably a 4-5, but at any given moment if I sit or turn the wrong way it shoots off the scale and takes my  breath away.  One thing is constant and that is aching in my mid back that wraps around more on the right then left to under my rib cage.  this never goes away.  I am so frustrated.  I must add that the first time I had kidney stones, there were 5 of them and two of them were over 5mm, and were stuck in my ureter tube and had to be removed by surgical basket. It had shut one kidney down but did not do any permanent damage as far as I know at the time.  But the urologist told me the stone was so hard ito get that he broke the retrieval basket off and I would probably pass the little metal piece he could not find.  I did pee this out a few days later thank goodness.
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
thank you!
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