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Kidney stones or ghonnorea?

Hi there 6 months ago i was diagnosed with chlamydia and treated initially with the one shot doses for chlamydia and ghonnorea , my test results came back positive for chlamydia , i returned to the doctor a few days later with persistant sympotoms and got prescribed a weeks worth of doxycylin, after the course of antibiotics my symptoms went away. 6 months down the track with no sexual activity in between i recieved oral sex and did not ejaculate. the next morning (8 hours later) when i went to the toilet i noticed what seemed to be a clear discharge coming from the tip of penis, i noticed it was in my underwear aswell. i also started getting a deep pain in my right lower abdomanal region which has since moved to my right and is now apparent in my pubic region. 4 days down the track i have a very uncomfortable sensation, as if i have something stuck in my peehole it feels like discharge yet there is no discharge coming from the tip of my penis nor any traces of discharge in my underwear,(there has been no discharge evident since the initial discharge) it seems as if i am also finding it hard to start urinating. i do not have any burning sensation when urinating. i have been in to get an std check today. i have a few questions though

1) how reliable are swab tests for ghonnorea, could it be possible that the first std test 6 months ago missed the ghonnorea infection and only picked up the chlamydia infection,(i only had a swab taken ) i know i got treated for ghonnorea with the initial one dose shot but i have read ghonnorea is very anti biotic resistant these days.

2) i have read ghonnorea is obtainable from oral sex , is 8 hours to soon to realistcly show symptoms like i did.

3) do you know any other conditions that have the symptom of feeling like something is stuck in my pee hole?

4) does no burning sensation lead you to believe it is not an std?

5) is it possible for my chlamydia/ghonnorea to have resisted my first initial tratment and surfaced again 6 months down the track?

6) what steps do you recomend me to take if the std tests come back negative for sign of infection.

7) I know these symptoms started after oral sex but are my symptoms consistant with kidney stones?
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