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Kidney stones/treatment

I have two kidney stones in one kidney and two stones in the other.  They are two big to pass (6 and 7 mm)  so the doctor is putting me on a medication for the next three months in the hopes of dissolving them.  He did say they are non-dissolvable, so I am confused.  I have blood in my urine, which triggered the ultrasounds of my kidneys and bladder.  I don't understand why he didn't give me the option of a lithotrypsy.  I am trying to get pregnant, so I don't know if that was a reason.  I didn't get a lot of information from him and so I came to this board. During New Year's Eve, I had aching in my legs and pain in my lower back with a mild fever.  My doctor says this is from the kidney stones moving around.  I now have urgency to urinate and bloating.  Is everything related or is there something else going on, like ovarian problems??  Also, why doesn't he go in and do the lithotrypsy so that I can get rid of the stones?  Any help would be great!!!  
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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. These are NO fun.  
I have a 7mm sitting up inside my right kidney too.

Your doctor may be trying one last attempt at dissolving these stones before putting you through Litho. Keep in mind, litho is expensive and requires a type of anesthesia. If you are prego or trying to get prego, the anesthesia may not be good for you.

I have never encountered pain in my legs from any of the 18 stones I have passed. But, I do sometimes get groin/thigh pain with my ovarian cysts (as you mentioned above)

As for the fever - I have had a fever only twice with the stones, and it was because they were passing and causing intense pain. The trauma of them passing can inflame the inside of the ureters. One time, the stone did cause a kidney infection which spiked a fever.

Anyhow - no one can really speak on your doctors behalf as to "why" he isn't moving ahead with the Litho. But, I would suggest you call him and ask. It is an honest question and I would want to know too.
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