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Lack of Circulation in Head (Traction Device Injury?)

First and forthright, let me say that this is a very embarrassing situation for me and that any advice is MUCH appreciated.

My problem is rather simple.  I bought a traction device on eBay (specifically, the "Andropenis") for cheap to help with my size and curvature.  I figured I would use it for my last year in community college before I obtain my Associates degree and transfer to a 4-year University.  It basically cut away all circulation for a prolonged time (a few hours) and now it seems that my penis is not circulating all of the blood around the head.

I used the device for about 3 months with considerable gains and absolutely no problems.  That is, until one sunny summer day when I was wearing it in my business class.  My penis started hurting immensely as if some lady was pinching the bottom of it with her nails (right under the head.)  Well, I can sustain a lot of pain and figured I would just cringe and suck it up until class was over.  (I did not want to limp from the far corner of the class to the door.)  As soon as class was over, I hobbled to the bathroom and found that the head of my penis was completely swollen and purple.  (Clearly, I had tightened the band way too tight.)  Immediately I took the device off, and the pain went away a few hours later.

Later that night my girlfriend had me worried when she asked me what the hell happened to my ****.  She noticed that the head was slightly dry in the center (where it is pink) and that the outer rim of the head has a darker hue than the inside (closer to purple than pink.)  Upon further inspection, I found that if I pull back the skin to tighten it up, it seems that there are small purple dots on the head and small dark lines on the inside of the penis.  Worried, I put peroxide on a cotton ball and rubbed it on the bottom of my penis, which swelled it so bad it looked like Frosty the Snowman.

Today, the foreskin right under the head on the bottom is still very soft and sensitive.  Since it did not go away on its own after I stopped using the traction device for about a month, I have made a commitment to go 100 days of absolutely no sexual contact (with my penis, anyway) in hope that it will heal on its own.  If after the 100 days, I guess I have no choice but to go to a doctor.

Considering I have not given it much due time to heal (this "issue" began about a month ago, but I started the "100 day challenge" a few days ago), I very well may be way overreacting.  Regardless, I am still very worried and I truly do not wish to see a doctor about this issue not only because of the embarrassment factor but also because I am not in the position to afford more medical visits after having my hernia worked on...

P.S. I believe I forgot to note that it still functions perfectly well in regard to urination and ejaculation.

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Use of any force or device in compromising blood supply to the penis is fraught with risk of developing priapism (arteriocavernosal fistula), urethral injury, and cyanosis-induced damage.

What you have described seems to be causing obstruction to thevenous drainage of the penis. The incident about a month back seems to have resulted in the development of ecchymoses which will take 4-8 weeks to fade.

The question you will have to ask yourself is whether you want your organ to be functional without discomfort and complications for the rest of your sexually active life or whether you want to risk it for some doubtful benefits and maybe lose what function it has.

Men are prone to developing prostatitis, epididymitis, and a host of other disorders. Compromising blood supply to the penis will only make you susceptible to these conditions as well as to infections, the course of which vary in the long term.

Desist from using the device.
Sexual activity may be indulged in cautiously initially until you can assure yourself that your organ is working fine.
Add supplements (natural, if possible) that contain calcium and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet to boost sexual performance. These include seafood and fish liver oil supplements.
Do not wear restrictive underwear for the time being until the problem subsides.
Contact emergency care within 12 hours, preferably 6 hours, of any such incident repeating itself. Damage due to vascular compromise can only be corrected within 6-12 hours and if permanent damage occurs, amputation would be considered as a course of treatment.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.

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You clearly stated that you used the Andropenis for 3 months with noticeable penis enlargement gains and then "one sunny summer day" you were wearing the Andropenis in your business class?

Get real, you would not use a penis enlargement method like Andropenis in some business class.

This is clearly someone trying to discredit what seems to be the most legitimate penis enlarger out there. I have been using Andropenis Gold for over 4 months and have never had any problems.
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