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Lack of erection


I am a 30 year old male. The two symptoms seen in my case are Lack of erection and shrinking of the penis to size I have never seen in my life time.

I saw a GP a few months ago and he performed tests for diabetes,Cholesterol, Testosterone,Thyroid and one or two more that I do not remember and everything was normal. His opinion was that it is stress related.

I then went to see a urologist a month ago. I have the desire to have sex its just that my penis is non-responsive. I do not have any other symptoms whatsoever. The urlogist checked my prostate and felt that it could be prostatitis. He ordered urine culture and put me on two weeks of cipro. The urine culture was before I started cipro. In the first 4-5 days, I saw remarkable progress. A lot of my erection related performance had returned back to normal. In the mean time the urine culture came back with microscopic hematuria. After the 2 week therapy ended my erections issues came back (lack of erection and penis shrinking).

I met the urologist a month later. I am on one more month of cipro (500 mg this time) and we plan on doing the urine culture to see if hematuria still exists. This time around, the antibiotics do not seem to be working. My symptoms of lack of erection and shrunk penis still exist. I do not have any other symptoms.

Do you have any suggestion as to what is happening?

PS: when I say lack of erection I mean I will not get an erection on watching something dirty but if I stroke it, it will get erect erect but the erection will not be the best I know.

Shrinking: In the non-erect state my penis shrinks to a size I have never seen in the last 18 years. Kindly comment

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