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Lack of sensation in penis/primary anorgasmia

I am a 24 year old male that has never had an orgasm.  I thought I was maybe just a late bloomer, until I really noticed a difference in my sex drive compared to that of my peers.  I went to a urologist and started seeing a sex therapist around a year ago. I began a relationship with a girl 4 months ago and only recently was comfortable enough to have sex.  I then discovered that I had little to no feeling in my penis. I was aroused and able to have and sustain an erection, but there is never a feeling of pleasure or of release.  I went back to my urologist a few days ago and confirmed the numbness with a pin ***** test, no pun intended.  He told me there is no treatment for this problem.  Obviously this is not the news I want to hear or settle for.  What can I do?
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Ill add more details that I see other people sharing.  Masturbation had never resulted in an erection or orgasm or ejaculation.  I take 175 effexor daily, I started that in October, and it has helped a lot.  I am able to feel temperature changes and wetness, but no stimulation.  The only way I could tell I was inside my gf was that it felt a little warmer and there was no way my pelvis could be touching hers unless my penis was in her vagina.  I'm not looking for a solution here, just someone to try and think of what to do next
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Also I have had a few wet dreams in the past, I can't remember the last time I had one.  Arousal almost always leads to blue balls,
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This could be due to some operation, the medications you are taking, nerve damage, due to infection - gonorrhoea, chlamydia etc, diabetes or kidney stones.

You should consult your doctor to rule out the above causes and find out the further management plan in your case.

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I've never had any operation other than having tooth extractions.  We ruled out diabetes and stds.  My blood and hormone levels came back normal.  We don't think it is a reaction to the medication, as the problems have been present my whole life, and I've been more aroused since being on them.  He gave mr cialis in case, which does help with erections, but not with feeling.  My primary physician told me that my problems were no big deal and I shouldn't worry about it, so clearly I'm not seeing him anymore.  Should I seek a neurologist?  Is there anyone in NYC that someone could recommend?
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I wonder if you have numbness in other areas of the body?

You might want to see a neurologist but my experience with them has given me the idea that they are the most useless of all the medical doctors.

You could have a condition of the nervous system causing the problems. Based on that I wonder about other areas of numbness.

I myself have a condition that at times causes numbness in parts of the body. I have had it in the penis several times and currently experience it in my arms and feet.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to this sorted out.

Good luck,

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Hi, I am 44 and I have never masturbated to ejaculation. In my late teens and throughout my 20's I was having sex but could hardly ever ejaculate with my girl friends so I had faked it numerous times just so it could be over. I seem to have very little sensitivity on my penis and the head. I am circumsized (like a serious crewcut) and so my head has always been exposed so i think the feeling I should have is practially gone. As I have gotten older it has become more of a mental thing to get to the point of "finishing". If my girl friend is really enjoying herself I can "finish". This has been a long difficult frustrating situation and especially now since I am single and celebate. I hope this sheds some light on what maybe happening in your case. Best of luck  
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I have the same problem (anorgasmia/no sensation but can maintain erections/ejaculate) as Rbf21 and am in NYC.  Would be interested if you can find anyone in the area who knows how to help, because I haven't found anyone. There is an active forum on another site that discusses anorgasmia too but I don't see any M.D.'s posting there.  After trying to find an answer for years, I think this problem has to do with some kind of overactive "fight or flight" response.
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