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Large Testicle

In my late teens, I woke one morning and found my right testicle was twice the size of my left!

I have seen lots of GP's and specialists over the years and have had 2 - 3 scans and all looks normal, none of the doctors have been able to explain why or how this occurred, one suggested a blockage in my vas-deferens but did not pursue it any further!

My semen looks normal (i.e. no blood or discoloration).

A few days ago, I woke up and noticed blood stains in my underpants, it was light in colour and in several places, as I had no stains on me, I assumed the blood came from my penis.
I went to my GP and was examined, again all looks well but I will be sent for another scan.

My "large" testicle does ache now and again and I sometimes find relief after ejaculation, this problem has been bothering me most of my life and I've got to the stage where I would gladly have the offending ball surgically removed.

If any urologists read this post and would like a challenge and a very cooperative "guinea-pig" to operate on and film for training purposes, please let me know.
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