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Large vein on my penis shaft

my name is Allen and I'm 17 years old. A few days ago i noticed a large vein on my penis shaft. I researched about it because my friend had varicose on his testicles so I thought you could get it on your penis shaft as well. I'm pretty sure from my research that you can get those but I haven't found any proof of it though, that's why I turned here. I also found on my research that it could me Mondors disease.
This vein on my shaft is quite large and it goes from the base of my penis to a bout half length and then kind of splits and one part goes to the left of my shaft the other (I think because I can't see it that well) goes of to the top. There is no pain associated with the vein because i touched it and it doesn't hurt. To my knowledge it doesn't look to have a specific color (but there are some veins all over that have a bluish/green color).
I am worried that it is either varicose or Mondors disease. This vein to my knowledge (didn't pay attention before this) was always there. I have looked up some pictures and I have a good one to represent how the vein looks. If it is needed I can take a picture to be 100% accurate.
My question is: Could this be Mondors disease ?
My second question is: Could this be a varicose vein ?
My third question is: What are these small bluish/green veins ?

Thank you so much in advance!
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