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Left Testicle still enlarged.

I had a hydrocelectomy about two years ago. The left testicle is still enlarged but there is no pain. any idea what is going on? Also, can a hydrocele limit penis growth, because i am 17 and still have a two in penis. Any ideas? Thanks
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Hi a hydrcele is fluid around a testicle. Most of the time a person does produce enough testosterone with one testicle and it is possible to function with only one. A few years ago I lost my left testicle after a vasectomy and having had several infections of the testicles. As a result the testosterone levels dropped far below the normal level. I now take monthly injections to suppliment the testosterone level.

It is possible that your testicle could have suffered  some damage due to having had the fluid around it. The testicles normally are supposed to be colder than the rest of the body, so this is a possibility. However there can be other reasons for having a smaller penis. It is best that you discuss this with your doctor and get this infestigated. Testosterone levels can be checked by doing a blood test. For me it has had some benefits.

All the best
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*two inch penis.
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