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Loose shaft skin after cysctoscopy

i had done cystoscopy about one year ago due to urine stream issues...After this i had loose my shaft skin as its showing now uncircomised penis...And due to this i have now less erection as well...With full erection even shaft skin now its moveable..cystoscopy has ruined my life..kindly provide ur valuable suggestion if there is anything that i can do to cover it.doc are telling to do this again to check but im afraid of that and dont want to loose whatever k have now
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Well, that stinks that the surgery has 'ruined your life'.  You had it for your urine stream?  Is that better?  I hope at least that is better.  But now the issue is that you can't get fully erect?  I have read that nerve function can take a full year to completely recover after cystoscopy.  Has it been a year since the surgery? One thing I've read about with regards to this issue is using a pump.  Have you considered that?  I read you should use it 2 to 3 times a week to get solid erections to keep any atrophy from occurring. Some people do use viagra after the surgery too.  I think you really need to talk to your urologist about your options and express this situation to them. They are used to helping and guiding in these matters.  Can you see your doctor?
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worst thing is that he is telling everything is fine...nd nothing came from that cystoscopy.he ruined my life
issue is like it showing loose skin on shaft like excess skin that even moveavble freely if i erect my maximum...i think i have same erection but the skin is getting move now...what i could be nd before i wad immidistely was ejaculated but have good time.i dont know whats going on
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