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Loss of sensation in penis, difficult to get erection, maybe nerve damage?

This all started last week I was with a girl one night and for some odd reason I couldn't get an erection (I was very nervous). I was really embarrassed and I tried to get hard. I think I may have accidentally tried too hard and maybe pulled it too much away from my body or possibly slapped it too hard... I'm not sure. It was never erect, just flaccid. I also didn't feel any pain or hear any pops. The next day, I noticed these "problems"

1. Less sensation in penis. I don't get the normal, natural erections during the day like I used to. I think I'm feeling maybe 50% of the sensation, but I think it's improved in the past week. It's hard to tell.
2. It's much more difficult to get an erection. It's also harder to maintain the erection. Fortunately, I am still able to masturbate (after some effort) with no pain. I've only done it once since last week.

I've had no other problems before that night. In doing a search for this problem, other people have had similar problems after "jelqing". I haven't done anything like that, but maybe that's what I inadvertently did?

Is it possible that this is something that will heal in a couple weeks?

Began last week
24 years old
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